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  1. dgrev

    Schutzenpanzer Marder 1

    I got all excited and through you had bought one or had one for sale. 😞 Interesting article and thanks for the link. Regards Doug
  2. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve - I think in time you will agree that to have persevered with the Brighton run would have been a bad decision. The 3 of you were under the pump in order to make that event and pure and simple, the truck wasn't going to make it. Driving these old things on modern roads is stressful and having an untested vehicle with as it turned out a major issue would have just ruined the whole experience, probably with it marooned by the side of the road with a seized engine. In my opinion all 3 of you man'ed up and made the no-go decision which was a much harder thing to do than heading off down the road. In aviation it goes by a number of names, but is a well know trap for those who fixate on the goal to the exclusion of perspective. It is a difficult thing to resist. See graphic. Now you have no schedule, can get that engine running sweetly and can enjoy the rest of the restoration, other than the wings (mudguards) installation that is. Regards Doug (Aussie one)
  3. dgrev

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    Just received an email about a special event at the show for Light weight Landies. That came with the obligatory "buy tickets" message, but perhaps they are finally starting to see the light and realise that there is such a thing as content marketing.
  4. dgrev

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    Today's offering in stereo is 1) Buy a jacket 2) Buy tickets. Not a word about the attractions at the show, the attendees, the interesting vehicles, the flea market, public transport connections and so on. Rex please un-retire!
  5. dgrev

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    Well, they are at it again. Duplicate blatant spamming. No real content, just pushing for advertising or/and fill in this form and pay money. Where is the information about what is on, the number of vendors (of MV parts, not carnival dross), the number of MVs registered etc? Larry, as tempting as unsubscribing is, curiosity has got the better of me for the moment as I wait to see if they can actually say something interesting amongst all the bumpf. Be nice to unsubscribe to mono, but would probably mean I would be totally unsubscribed. Oh for the days of the Rex emails, with genuine and interesting content..... Regards Doug
  6. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve - I like your welding jig, simple, practical and logical. Richard, Flanders and Andy - were you talking timber I would have expected such replies. But cast iron??? No wonder it has taken the Goslings unaware being that they are metal workers. As it would have 99.5% of the rest of those who read this adventure. However, it does suggest that as the pistons have not been "left outside" and that being closed up in the engine, then the scenario may exist that they have yet to warp to their final dimensions? (Which could also account for the ring seizures?) If they had not finished their aging process, then the Goslings may very well find that they are now distorted and will complicate any corrective machining? Does this mean that the pistons need to be left to their own devices for a few months before any attempt to correct them is made? Regards Doug (Aussie one)
  7. dgrev

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    Hello Sam. Was worth asking in case there was something peculiar about the bogie spring arrangement that made it different from regular eliptical springs and meant they had to face only one direction. Regards Doug
  8. dgrev

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    Hello. Back when you were doing the springs, I notice you took care to preserve some yellow paint on one end. Would I be correct in thinking that the springs are only allowed to be installed facing a certain direction? If so, why is this? Regards Doug
  9. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Flandersflyer. A lot of common sense in your suggestion. One wrinkle I can see is that they made their pistons round, but previous comments say they should be oval. Does that matter on such an ancient engine? Is it just a case of proportional expansion or do they have to factor in the need for "ovality"? Doug G. Australia
  10. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve I would suggest that a pull down is the only real option. Persevering given the behaviour of the engine will probably not see any improvement and at best can only "make metal" as whatever is binding has to be scraped away and will then end up in the oil. We are not talking shoes "wearing them in" so that they become more supple. If the pistons are too large then I tend to think they will scour badly, if they leave material behind on the cylinder walls this is not healthy for the rings, possibly resulting in a broken ring. IIRC this vehicle has no oil filter, so that means the metal shavings will then circulate in your engine. Not a desirable scenario. Sorry, but hoping it will "wear in" is being confused here with "bedding in". Regards Doug
  11. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve Just be wary that you are not being given a message by the vehicle that you are "pushing it" by trying to make your deadline. There seems to be multiple issues happening there. Would not like to hear that it gave endless trouble on the event or that you broke down part way there. Would it be more prudent to take one of the other vehicles and stop stressing the 3 of you? Regards Doug
  12. dgrev

    JAGUAR J60 CARB, cold start

    The best place to buy diaphragm rubber is "Fitch the Rubber Man" in Adelaide, South Australia. They are a specialist and can source some very obscure products. They mail world wide. They keep a few thicknesses on hand and I have personally seen 1m wide rolls of it! Nobody else even comes close to their prices, way way cheaper than ebay.
  13. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Asciidv I would be really surprised if there was an issue. Being that both end fittings were turned. The only out of balance I could imagine would be a seam on the inside of the tube. Time will tell.
  14. Phil. Thanks for the info. Doing a bit of a web search onwards from the address you supplied reveals that felt isn't just felt apparently. There is wool/blend or polyester to decide as well a grade (density). I would assume the original was wool, but polyester may have its advantages as it would be less likely to retain moisture than wool. Always learning. Thanks Doug
  15. Robin - please let me know if you find out, I have the same problem. Regards Doug