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  1. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Must have been a right sod to shunt into that location whilst having to lay flat on loco so as to fit under truck.......
  2. dgrev

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The real problem is going to be getting all the entrapped oil out of the metal. Otherwise the silicon is not going to take. Nor will any other sealant/adhesive etc.
  3. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    Matchfuzee Lots of good information on that site. Thanks for that. Doug.
  4. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    Zuffen - your theory sounds logical. No idea how we prove it.
  5. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    Chris As bizarre as it seems, ammo cans from far off countries do turn up for sale here. The supply from our army is sporadic at best. But as there is a constant demand for them from civilians, the surplus stores quite often import pallet loads. Regards Doug
  6. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    The brown can all but falls through the cut out in the Mk2 Ferret tray. As far as I know, the Aussie Ferrets used only the .30cal Browning. The tray looks to be the factory installed one. Our Ferrets were very early manufacture. Likewise any British made mounts/trays for flex mount were 1950s production, such as Ferret Mk 1, Saladin and Centurion commander's flex mounts. Saracen had the same turret as the Ferret with 2 hatches not the early 3 hatch version. From the replies to my question, it would seem that for some reason Britain decided to go with a non-NATO standard ammo can when it converted to 7.62mm. Heavens knows why?
  7. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    The "Aus" should be Australian.
  8. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    Chris. Thank you for that. Now I know the terminology I have done a web search and see that there is also a H83 that other than 2 bumps in the lid appears identical to a NATO .50cal ammo box. But why is a H84 not the same as the NATO M19A1 (I have finally found a designation for it) 7.62mm ammo box? To answer your question. The H84 fits neither the .30cal turret mount in my Ferret Mk2 or the external remote mount from a Ferret Mk1. Actually, I have never seen a mount designed to take a H84, they are all sized for the M19A1 box. Regards Doug
  9. dgrev

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Rick Any news? Regards Doug
  10. dgrev

    ID ammo boxes

    Hello Amongst some stuff I have are some British 7.62mm ammo boxes. These are brown colour with rounded corners. Very strangely they do not fit the MG ammo can holders in either the Ferret or other mounts. But the standard US/NATO post war can fits all of the above mounts and are wider with squared off corners. Are you familiar with these cans and why are they smaller and rounded and don't fit the standard mounts? If needed I can take some photos if my description is not helpful? Please see attached photos. Regards Doug
  11. dgrev

    VIP toilets

    For some strange psychological aberration certain people get their jollies out of doing that sort of thing. Perhaps they are more animal than human. Happens all over the world.
  12. dgrev

    VIP toilets

    Well............... the re-enactors do dig lots of holes, trenches etc, so not as if you would have to DIY. But they probably will not be very welcoming once they realise the purpose of your visit. That could be too authentic even for them! You may not want to be pursued across Belters by an irate trench owner either. 🚾
  13. dgrev

    VIP toilets

    Us Aussies historically have had a problem with that concept. Which means I should probably let discretion over rule my desire to comment.
  14. dgrev

    VIP toilets

    Looking at this from the other side of the world, I am just shaking my head. Elitist Thunderboxes!
  15. dgrev

    Schutzenpanzer Marder 1

    I got all excited and through you had bought one or had one for sale. 😞 Interesting article and thanks for the link. Regards Doug