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  1. BSA B40 WD

    Hi I also have one took a while to get used to the controls being the wrong way round,I also have an mt350,the wd is nice for bimbling along,but if I wanted to go a distance or get there a bit quicker I would use the mt350.Mine didn't come from far from you,I brought it from Dave who is a friend of the man that runs the website. Simon
  2. Hi try Force motorcycles or LMS if you want them from a dealer, if you don't mind possibly waiting a bit I would recommend joining the online MT owners club and put a wanted advert on there,this normally turns up the bits you require.I have one and think there best. Simon
  3. DAF YA126 - advice needed

    Hopefully see you at war and peace and if you have an idea of what you want I can speak to my friend in The Netherlands to see what is about,as there is a better choice over there,if you could get them with power steering I would of gone for one,I especially like the radio body ones.I can think of a good home for the Ferret πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. See you soon Simon
  4. Public Liability Insurance

    All the votes have been counted and there will be an announcement shortly(it went better than the general election did for some parties:-) Simon
  5. Dodge M37,1952 winch model

    Dodge is now sold thanks for looking. Simon
  6. It's a 1952 winch model Dodge M37,New canvas approximately 6years ago,I have fitted free wheeling hubs and electronic ignition (fitted in NOS distributer) also just serviced(oil and filter and new belt and plugs) and also has solid state voltage regulator fitted, had radiator recored and new pump and hoses the other year ,tax and mot exempt,I have a lot of spares for it, I am looking for Β£7250 ono,if interested and you want a chat or photos please PM and we can exchange phone numbers etc.Would be interested in possible part exchange of Military vehicle(prefer motorcycle) must be road registered etc. Thanks Simon
  7. Public Liability Insurance

    Hi we discussed it at our area meeting last Thursday and had it explained to us,so as not to create confusion ( in case I remembered bits wrong as I was not taking notes),it seems to be a good scheme,I would suggest you have a chat with your area rep who might be able to answer any questions, It will be fully explained at the AGM next month when everybody there will be able to ask questions before there is a vote on it,so it would be good if as many people as possible could get there. Simon
  8. Military 1941 AJS 350

    That's a strange coincidence as also seen it on e bay and was going to ask the forum for advice as didn't think there were any AJS WD bikes and the pictures are identical?,not keen on Q plates (as once you poke the bear you never know where you will end up) and have run into dvla bureaucracy before πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ That said it is a nice bike do you think it could be turned into a AFS replica? Simon
  9. Canadian Army Kawasaki KLR250 CFR 95-10908

    Lovely looking bike I would love one of those especially in that condition very well done. Slightly jealous SimonπŸ˜€
  10. I always wanted a fantic but couldn't afford one so ended up with a new Casal if anybody remembers them,though it was a step up from my raliegh runabout. Simon
  11. We have also sent our entry off and am also looking forward to it. Simon
  12. Dodge Carryall WC53 Thermostat

    Hi you are in the North island aren't you as it gets a bit hotter up there( we have friends down south),do you go to the WarBirds show as we are hoping to come over next year to see our friends and visit the show
  13. Dodge Carryall WC53 Thermostat

    Hi I had similar problems as you with over heating on warm days with my M37,changed the pump,all hoses, thermostat,checked spreader tube and repeatedly flushed everything,then took my radiator to a shop who completely re cored it and have had no problems since,wish I had done it soonerπŸ˜€ and have had no problems with over heating since even on very warm days. Simon
  14. which one are you from the following

    Most of the time number two sometimes no seven depending who goes, always do our best to hid modern stuff and use military tents etc,I like shows where you can move around which is one of the many reasons for going to war and peaceπŸ˜€ Simon