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  1. All being well I will come down just confirm the details closer to the time, hope the appeal and new application are successful. Simon
  2. Gutted as was hoping it might've been far enough away to still be on but am not surprised,looking forward to next year being bigger and more vehicles and reinactors
  3. Also looking forward to it and already entered
  4. I have submitted my comments hopefully that's one closer to you being successful
  5. Its not a ww2 bike and its been for sale a while now make a nice little project but no good if you want a genuine bike
  6. Hi whereabouts are you in the UK. Thanks Simon
  7. Hi does anybody know if the museum are having there bi annual vehicle day next year and if so when it is. Thanks Simon
  8. sim60

    BSA WDB40

    Thanks to all of you I have ordered one of the above filters. Thanks Simon
  9. sim60

    BSA WDB40

    Good evening I have a BSA wdb40 and was hoping some one would know the part number for the air filter,it has I think a fram one fitted at the moment but there are no numbers on it,all the pancake style ones I can find don't have all 3 of the same dimensions.Any help most appreciated. Thanks Simon
  10. sim60


    Thanks didn't think it was military but was struggling to find maker Simon
  11. sim60


    Hi does anybody know what the 1940 style motorcycle is that is advertised on the MVT website it's on page 2,. Thanks Simon
  12. We went to the first one at twente and had a great time nice and relaxed and the food etc was fine( struggled a bit with the translation),there were decent toilets and everybody was very friendly,I would definitely go again
  13. Good afternoon is this show still going ahead as there has been nothing since this post and 3 of us have entered and got an automated reply that further details would follow but heard nothing since and it's getting a bit close . Simon
  14. Hi does anybody know what time the booking in will be open before the show starts on the Tuesday,ie Saturday and Sunday,I have looked on there website but can't see the hours for the first few days. Thanks Simon
  15. Hi I also have one took a while to get used to the controls being the wrong way round,I also have an mt350,the wd is nice for bimbling along,but if I wanted to go a distance or get there a bit quicker I would use the mt350.Mine didn't come from far from you,I brought it from Dave who is a friend of the man that runs the website. Simon
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