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  1. Hi Gary Hitchcocks do repro ones with all the attachment parts as well. Rgds Rick

    RAF Royal Enfield

    Very nice Ron, as you are aware we are starting another WDCO project down here so you've given us a benchmark standard to match. Rick
  3. May I suggest this would be better in the future events section.
  4. I fitted 325x19 Ensign Universal to my CO from Vintage Tyres. Rides well on them.
  5. Tyres could do with a little more air.
  6. Try this https://www.states-plates.com I got one for a Harley we did, looks really good. I think it was the 7" size but depends on what you need on it.
  7. Hi Steve Would you be able to state the paint code/data that you purchased, is it a matt or satin finish? Thanks Rick
  8. Thanks Richard We will get a sample done on that basis. Rick
  9. Hello All Does anyone have any information on RAL codes for US Navy Grey. Hoping to put a WLA in that scheme. Thanks Rick
  10. Hello Where is the best supplier for RAL coded paints for German WW2 vehicles in the UK? Thanks.
  11. Hi Chris I assume it is a flat seal under the disc which sits on the outside of the case? I had the two discs crudely rivetted together on the case but no evidence of a seal.
  12. Try British Only Austria http://www.vintage-motorcycle.com/index.php?language=en&site=4&pid=18&id=3410&suchtext=wd%20light&limit=0 Beware..It states not perfect Rgds Rick
  13. These are the taps that I received from Hitchcocks,very good company to deal with, must get mine on the roads this year. Rick
  14. Heres a few images from another first class event. Looking forward to 2020 for the 75th.
  15. Here is a .Jpg image of the Task Force 135 insignia . If someone is going to get any plates done, get one done for me please and I'll send you the cash.
  16. That makes sense Chris, I thought it was probably a civvy box. I can re-rivet the brackets with some solids when I assemble it. Thanks for the info. Rick
  17. Hi Chris, both sides of my box as requested. Regards Rick
  18. Thanks Chris and Ron for the info. I have an identical toolbox with the knurled knob but I think one of the brackets is mounted differently. Will just have to use that artistic licence. The bike looks better with the box fitted. Best regards Rick
  19. Thanks Chris for the info I wasn't aware of the "full width" Model G bracket, I actually have two frames with both early and later regulator support brackets but nothing assembled yet. Both forward frames of mine have the battery support bracket only "half width" as such. I always assumed the Model C frame bracket wider then to support the toolbox. That is my question about mounting the toolbox on a later frame WDCO. Best Regards Rick
  20. Hi Ron I assume on your frame the mounting rails had been removed also for the rectangular toolbox. Can you post a picture of how you mounted the box. Thanks Rick
  21. Hi Nick If you don't get any joy with the spindle, I will get mine copied for you. I've made contact with Ted as well, this could turn into a small WDCO appreciation group:D Regards Rick
  22. Hi Simon Thanks for the info, I've dealt with them before. It's going to look awesome in that colour. I have a long way to go with the bits I have but always up for a challenge. Regards Rick
  23. Hi Simon, Do you mind if I ask you where you got the paint from, hopefully going to start my CO project soon. Rick
  24. Regarding the Mirus Battery, there is some information on firing in the book "Mirus The Making of a Battery" by Colin Partridge and John Wallbridge. Will try to ask around for more info.
  25. err..ermm...yes bit of a sore subject and as for the rugby don't even go there:embarrassed:
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