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  1. May I suggest this would be better in the future events section.
  2. I fitted 325x19 Ensign Universal to my CO from Vintage Tyres. Rides well on them.
  3. Tyres could do with a little more air.
  4. Try this https://www.states-plates.com I got one for a Harley we did, looks really good. I think it was the 7" size but depends on what you need on it.
  5. Hi Steve Would you be able to state the paint code/data that you purchased, is it a matt or satin finish? Thanks Rick
  6. Thanks Richard We will get a sample done on that basis. Rick
  7. Hello All Does anyone have any information on RAL codes for US Navy Grey. Hoping to put a WLA in that scheme. Thanks Rick
  8. Hello Where is the best supplier for RAL coded paints for German WW2 vehicles in the UK? Thanks.
  9. Hi Chris I assume it is a flat seal under the disc which sits on the outside of the case? I had the two discs crudely rivetted together on the case but no evidence of a seal.
  10. Try British Only Austria http://www.vintage-motorcycle.com/index.php?language=en&site=4&pid=18&id=3410&suchtext=wd%20light&limit=0 Beware..It states not perfect Rgds Rick
  11. These are the taps that I received from Hitchcocks,very good company to deal with, must get mine on the roads this year. Rick
  12. Heres a few images from another first class event. Looking forward to 2020 for the 75th.
  13. Here is a .Jpg image of the Task Force 135 insignia . If someone is going to get any plates done, get one done for me please and I'll send you the cash.
  14. That makes sense Chris, I thought it was probably a civvy box. I can re-rivet the brackets with some solids when I assemble it. Thanks for the info. Rick
  15. Hi Chris, both sides of my box as requested. Regards Rick
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