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  1. Enfield1940

    Colour of 1955 HSAT Airborne Helmet

    Thanks for that. Interesting stuff. Hopefully a copy of the VAOS is waiting somewhere to be digitised. I've also spent some time bashing Google for pictures of postwar painted HSAT, HSRAC and HSDR helmets (yes, I probably need to get out more...) and get the impression that 'textured olive drab, matt' is a general guideline. The texturing seems to vary greatly in terms of density and the size of the texturing medium. Perhaps the missing VAOS would say something along the lines of 'XYZ types of powder can be used to add texture' and it doesn't specify how much to use?
  2. Enfield1940

    Colour of 1955 HSAT Airborne Helmet

    Thanks. Two votes for Olive Drab then. The paint above doesn't look high gloss, so that may rule out DBG. I don't suppose there's any mention of how the texturing was achieved? The texturing medium in the paint on the exterior of my service brown HSRAC helmet looks slightly too fine to be sand. Possibly Aluminium Oxide powder? Thanks, Mark
  3. Enfield1940

    Colour of 1955 HSAT Airborne Helmet

    Thanks for that. Interesting stuff. The paint on the helmet above looks too green to me to be Olive Drab, but I need to see it in the flesh + it looks like there's several layers of paint. I also own an example of the postwar HSRAC helmet, which is painted in Service Brown and doesn't have any sign of previous paint jobs. The exterior is textured and the interior is smooth. Unfortunately it's undated. Cheers, Mark
  4. Enfield1940

    Colour of 1955 HSAT Airborne Helmet

    Some pictures: A more complete example of a ROC 1955 made helmet: http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/helmets/post-war-parachutists-helmet-126625/ Is it Deep Bronze Green over red oxide primer?
  5. Would I be right in thinking that the original factory paint colour of a 1955 dated HSAT helmet would have been Deep Bronze Green? I ask as I’ve just bought an empty shell I’m intending to restore. I don’t have it in hand yet, but going by the pictures I’ve seen it seems to acquired various layers of paint at different times. E.g the interior is black. Thanks, Mark
  6. Enfield1940

    75mm Armour Piercing Round (inert)

    FYI. The projectile is a postwar French 75mm POT Mle 51 - as fired by the AMX-13 tank. Unfortunately the cartridge case is wrong - the correct one is bigger. There's an illustration of a complete round here: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/378060-could-a-panther-shoot-amx-13-shells/
  7. Another item to look out for...😏 Are there any contemporary pictures of Mk2 P58 being trialled with the eyeletted version of the belt?
  8. Enfield1940

    1985 Trials PLCE Belt Question

    Interesting. I didn’t realise there were variations of the ammo pouches. I think all the ones that have passed through my hands have had the ‘uncornered’ flaps. Perhaps the ones with corners are a later variation as they are closer to the 1990 issue ones? PS. Since taking the pics above in 2014 I have improved the set with a correct water bottle pouch. That just leaves the respirator haversack and the bergan.
  9. Enfield1940

    1985 Trials PLCE Belt Question

    Four years later... I have finally tracked down an example of the highly elusive right hand utility pouch. If you collect 1985 trials PLCE, you've probably noticed that most of them are left hand ones. After some pondering, I have come up with a theory to explain this: Presumably the standard layout was two magazine pouches at the front and one utility pouch left rear and one water bottle pouch right rear. However, you might have a need to have a more versatile utility pouch at the front (and perhaps fewer magazines), so move the utility pouch to the front and - as it is worn on the left- equip it with left hand yoke attachment loops. Presumably there were rarer occasions where you might need two utility pouches at the front, so you would need one with right hand yoke attachment loops. There was less need for these = fewer were made. Water bottle pouches were never worn at the front, so they don't need yoke attachment loops. Hopefully the above ramblings make some sort of sense... I note the later 1990 PLCE utility pouches also had yoke attachment loops, but they weren't 'handed'.
  10. Enfield1940

    1940 MkII Helmet - Khaki Green No.3 Paint?

    A long overdue update... My final judgement was that the helmet had originally been painted in smooth Khaki Green No.3 - partly inspired by the following 1939 and 1940 dated examples by the same maker: https://hatchfive.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/mkii-steel-helmet/ http://www.warstuff.com/Original-WWII-1940-FL-Mk2-BRITISH-Combat-Helmet-i927.htm Mike Starmer has published a relatively simple homebrew recipe for KG3 = five parts Humbrol 155 Olive Drab Matt to one part Humbrol 10 Service Brown Gloss. I made some up and here is the end result. It's an interesting colour - subtlely different to ordinary olive green. It can look quite brown in low light levels. The tendency for original KG3 to fade towards more of a brown colour has been discussed on here before: Cheers, Mark
  11. Enfield1940

    MoD Document Regarding 75 PLCE, Mk2 P58, etc. Webbing

    Aren't they the same thing? I was under the impression that '1972 Pattern' is a collectorism for the early 70's butyl trials webbing which was referred to as '1975 PLCE' in contemporary documents. It would be interesting to see a copy of the original guide / handbook / descriptive document produced when it was trialled. Ditto Mk2 P58.
  12. Enfield1940

    1957 Dated Trials 1958 Pattern Pack

    Very nice. Trials 1958 Pattern must be one of the rarest webbing sets out there. Does anyone have any other components?
  13. I acquired an identical belt last year. Somewhat of an oddity as why would they be making Mk2 P58 belts in 1995? I discussed it with the chap who does Karkeeweb, but he didn't really know either. I have a feeling they are something to do with the 'WAIST BELT LARGE, 58 PATTERN & / OR WORKING DRESS' introduced at around the same time.
  14. Hi, I'm considering restoring this 1940 dated MkII helmet that has been attacked with silver paint. I've photographed what appears to be the original paint in the interior, which is a yellowish/greenish brown colour. Could anyone confirm or deny my hypothesis that this is faded Khaki Green No.3 paint? I've read elsewhere that this is the sort of colour it goes when the green pigment fades. Thanks, Mark
  15. FYI. The controls on so-called 'defectively deactivated' weapons come into force on 2nd May: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/399/pdfs/uksi_20170399_en.pdf (page 2)