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  1. FYI. Silvermans have reduced the prices on their stock of 75 PLCE: https://www.silvermans.co.uk/collections/rucksacks-load-carrying/Webbing+1972-Pattern Although by their pricing standards, that's not saying much...
  2. A standard part of the first PLCE set AFAIK. Later issued in DPM with a subdued Red Cross symbol on it. There was also a larger OG medical pack that attached to the side of the bergan.
  3. Discussed before and they’re a bit of an oddity:
  4. Test assembly. The only things that aren’t original are the paint and the bolts. I think I am going to have to improvise a lookalike crown pad out of a suitable black foam rubber.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out. It so happens I have just sourced some original chinstrap attachment loops which will be an improvement on the slightly crude repros I was previously going to use. Hopefully I’ll eventually bump into some original bolts to go with them.
  6. There was also a trials bottle and mug prior to the P58 that was not adopted: http://www.karkeeweb.com/patterns/1958/components/equipment/equipment_water_bottles.html
  7. Very nice items. I also have examples of the Cascelloid and F&G water bottles: For reasons unknown, the F&G one is it’s own unique smaller size compared to all the other P58 water bottles I’ve seen. Presumably it would have had a matching non-standard size mug as well.
  8. A nice find. Likewise I’ve acquired a few bargains over the years by going ‘off piste’ into antique / bric-a-brac emporiums. If they’re not militaria specialists, they often don’t know what things are worth.
  9. Some progress pics. I stripped it back to bare metal, gave it an undercoat of red oxide primer and then a top coat of textured olive drab. I have an original liner and chinstrap to fit and the brass bolts and chinstrap loops are repros that I have chemically blackened. Just need so sort out a replacement crown pad and it’s done.
  10. Update: I’ve nearly finished restoring it and it has been painted as to spec in textured olive drab paint over red oxide primer. An outstanding item is the rubber pad inside the crown which I need to recreate. I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on it’s dimensions including thickness, whether it is round or oval and ideally what type of rubber it is made of? (Sorbothane?) Thanks in advance for any help. Mark
  11. This relates to a helmet rather than a vehicle, but I hope you’ll forgive me as this seems a good place to ask... I’ve acquired a West German paratrooper helmet and I’m trying to ID what colour it was painted in for restoration purposes. Having looked at a RAL colour deck, I think it is probably one of the following: RAL 7011 Eisengrau RAL 7012 Basaltgrau RAL 7015 Schiefergrau RAL 7016 Anthrazitgrau RAL 7024 Graphitgrau Were any of the above an official colour used by the Bundeswehr for vehicles and / or equipment? It might help narrow it down. Thanks, Mark
  12. I don't believe the pouch above as anything to do with the early 70's '72 Pattern' / 75 PLCE trials set for the reasons you've mentioned. It's from the late 70's trials nylon 58 Pattern era, but I don't know if it's from that set or created separately for another reason around the same time.
  13. Here's my one. I believe they were intended for compasses. Otherwise they are a bit mysterious: were they a part of the late 1970's trials nylon '58 set? Were they a trials item for the standard '58 set? etc.
  14. I’ve seen Racal field telephone carrying bags that look like they’re made from similar materials, so that might be a clue. However, three years on and I still don’t know what it’s for.
  15. Thanks for that. Interesting stuff. Hopefully a copy of the VAOS is waiting somewhere to be digitised. I've also spent some time bashing Google for pictures of postwar painted HSAT, HSRAC and HSDR helmets (yes, I probably need to get out more...) and get the impression that 'textured olive drab, matt' is a general guideline. The texturing seems to vary greatly in terms of density and the size of the texturing medium. Perhaps the missing VAOS would say something along the lines of 'XYZ types of powder can be used to add texture' and it doesn't specify how much to use?
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