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  1. I will start with , I was one of the "Officials" in the red shirts so this from my point of view. BB guns , i would Ban them anyone found with one chuck them out . As fast as we were taking them of kids they were buying more . The parents did not give a fig what the kids did . Quads , I would ban them again , but not all who have them are idiots . It was not as bad as last year , how about you give us some help ? If your camped by some idiots who speed on the quads let a official know if nothing is done kick the official until its sorted . Showers , take your own , you can make you own or buy a kit for about £30.00. Speed we do our best to stop people speeding 9 times out of 10 they slow down when they see you after they have passed they speed up , what would you do ? Vehicle movement its in the information pack i know its boring but read it it saves people long walks etc ,its all to do with public safety with out them no show. jack is spot on offer up some solutions
  2. It is on a first come first served scheme . The problem has been and will be you get some people who have say a Jeep , one tent then rope off a area that you could fit in 6 GMC`s 5 Jeeps . So that that means late comers end up in a small area. Don't get me started on groups . I fully under stand we all like some room to camp in but some people take the ************* . I remember one year i went to sleep in my tent , when i got up in the morning some one put a tent so close i could not walk wetween them . If that was not bad enough later i found out this ********* had a bad problem with wind in the morning ,i can laugh about it now but at the time it was not fun at all . So i can see it from each side .
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    I have just

    I have just renewed my MV Jeep insurance . As i have done for a number of years with the same company . You know the thing you get the reminder , dont look at contract , send off the payment and thats it . This year i looked at the contract . I have comprehensive cover , Agreed value etc BUT what i didn't know was that i didn't have Legal Expenses Cover . With my comprehensive car insurance , legal expenses cover is included . But not on the jeep insurance . If i did have a accident i would like to know that i was covered for everything . Its worth a look at your policy just to make sure what your covered for and not .
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    Help please

    Mark Thank you for your PM I will give him a call
  5. jm38a1

    Help please

    For my sins i have a M38A1 It is verry sick , does anyone know a Good , Reliable Mechanic in Sussex to fix it . The problem is i have a oil leak ( i know they all leak ) from the back of the engine , so out has to come engine/ gear box all in one .I just cant do it .
  6. What a OUTSTANDING idea . I have never seen one before , so simple to do and so useful. When i have time this will be my next job on my jeep.
  7. For my sins i have a jeep not any jeep but a M38A1, not the most popular jeep but it is still a jeep . I would say that i own it but i think it owns me . Its nice to have a UK based Military Vehicle Forum . I might get to meet some members now unlike the USA vehicle forums that i am a member.
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