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  1. Excellent, I've been trying to track something like this down for ages. I did purchase an RA TRF for my vehicle (funnily enough from Colin) and a figure 8, but never stuck it on. I've sold the vehicle now. I suppose the new owner will be puzzling over the strange stickers in an envelope under the passenger seat base:D Nige
  2. Colin, I'm led to believe they are identifying which Commando they are. Mine was 42 Commando and had an 8 in the square. I didn't know myself until a retired bootneck told me. I don't know the other numbers though. Nige
  3. Ahh yes, Willich. 40 AESG wasn't it. Supposedly my depot to work when the 3rd Shock Army decided to invade. We used to use Willich for to train blokes in track work. I remember being shown a bricked up hole in a workshop where one of the lads had put a loco through it. Nige
  4. This sparks a load of memories actually. I don't know if many ex 79 Rly Sqn guys are on here, I'm actually ex 275 Rly Sqn myself and I remember most of the locos (not the 400's) but all the others and most of the stock. Loco 666 (a Barclay 600hp DH loco) was the first loco I drove on exercise in BAOR (Click on the thumb) The photo was taken on the siding spur on Arsbeck Training Area. The line through the training area ran between Klinkum (main line connection), through the training area to RAF Bruggen. There is a theory that the line continued through to 3 BAD at Bracht. The one painted in Man Utd colours (Red & Black) at 154 FAD Wulfen was done by the then Cpl Al Norris. The 2 crews at Wulfen had a competition to paint their 2 locos. The ward coaches shown in Ayrshire South Park were used by us TA railwayman as sleeping accomodation on courses and exercise. The blue VRE's, Pwg on the photos, were often used by senior ranks as their accomodation as they had more comfort. The small 0-4-0 Fowler (Percy) is at the moment at Marchwood Military Port and a group of us ex Army Railwaymen are looking to preserve it before it rots to nothing. The V200 and the Deutz 360 (cranky ex Wermacht machine it was) named Poyntz, went to a museum in the former East. The V200 was actually fully rebuilt, by a person named Barbara, on the back road in Ayrshire South Park. (Click on the thumb) Percy, Poyntz and the V200 (with a Ramp Wagon in front) on the Side Ramp and back roads at Ayrshire South Park So, yes it's certainly sparked up a thread. I could ramble on for hours about this lot. Thanks for finding them. Nige
  5. Beno, That confirms my assumption then, Line 8 is Military Vehicle Spares Ltd of Fradley Aerodrome, Lichfield, Staffordshire. Part of the Leavesley Group. Nige
  6. Right, I'll give you my take on this and by the way, you're missing the final line of the MERLIN report which gives the disposal location. 1] Issued to TMP Catterick. No date, but probably it's date in service, so Dec 1980. Richard has already explained TMP & OSU. 2] This next one has me foxed. The UIN looks familiar, but I can't place it and I haven't access to my military terminal at present. It may be TMP Thetford or OSU Thetford. Wherever it is, the vehicle went there in April 1988 3] Not as stated, but 416 Vehicle Troop Royal Corps of Transport, located at Ballykinler, Northern Ireland. It looked after a large pool of loan vehicles issued to incoming units. The reason the unit is wrong is that MERLIN looks at the UIN and prints the latest unit title for that unit. Anyway, that occurred in June 1989. 4] In May 1992, the vehicle went to TMP Ashford ............ 5] ..... and in Dec 1992 came under OSU Ashford. 6] June 1993 saw the vehicle at 19 Tank Transporter Squadron, now part of 27 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, based at Ward Barracks, Bulford. However, it might have been part of 4 General Support Regiment RLC back then. 7] Finally (I think as line 8 is not shown) the vehicle went to 127 (Sussex Yeomanry) Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (Volunteers) at Brighton in Jan 1994. This Squadron had not long been formed after a Strategic Defence Review. It was part of 78 (Fortress) Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers (Volunteers). Your vehicle was cast in Dec 1997, but where it was sold on from has been lost in the missing Line 8. Probably Military Vehicle Spares, at Fradley, near Lichfield, Staffs. Hope that helps Nige
  7. Lozza, I've no idea. However, I was only thinking about you two days ago and wondering whether you were still about.:shocked: Nige
  8. It's a shame your report is difficult to read, but having deciphered others using UINs, I can tell you it's not 17 Sp Sqn RLC but 57 Sp Sqn RLC who are, as has been correctly deduced, a vehicle holding Sqn in Northern Ireland. The Aerospace entry relates to National Plastics Aerospace who upgraded the armour and fitted air con prior to the vehicles dispatch to Iraq. It served with the M2T BG (Mentoring, Monitoring & Training Battle Group) in Basra amongst others. If you want and If you can email or PM me the report, I'll do my best to decipher the lot using the UINs. Regards Nige
  9. This, or a similar problem bugs me as well. Using latest firefox on laptop or IE8 at work. Say there is a link within a post and you click on it, after reading that link you return to the forum to find you've been logged out. I have also had the same problem as Dougy when I've been posting. Hence, I don't post much, unless I've done it from Notepad, but even then, as has been said, while gathering attachments, you're logged out. I'm on lots of other forums as well, and the problem doesn't manifest itself on those. Quite a few of them are Vbulletin ones. Nige
  10. Hmm, that looks remarkably similar to a loco I drove at Long Marston in the Royal Engineers Depot. Date was probably 1985 I think. It was in lovely condition and the controls were similar to a steam loco's. It even had something resembling a firebox. However, I thought it was a Barclay. I know that doesn't help your quest, but a lovely project. Nige
  11. Some similar poses with mine. I think my Father in Law was out there in 1948. Nige
  12. Dave, Those are the only pics I've found. I'll have a further dig around when I'm next at my Mother in Laws. Nige
  13. Mike, Bob and Ed, Thank you for your replies. Bob, your photos of your Dad are great. Although my Father in Law spoke to me a lot about his days of National Service, I no longer can ask him where photos were taken. I know where his travels took him from a country point of view, but not exact locations. I was always pumping him for info on his exploits, but only found these photos after he passed away. I know he was at Port Said, Tobruk, and Tripoli, but where these fit in to the pictures, I don't know. Ed, thank you for pointing me in the right direction with the hitch and thanks Mike for indentifying the motorcycle. Lastly, the only other photos I've found so far of life in the RE's in the Middle East Sadly, I can add no words as to locations of these photos. The last one is of the man himself, our 'Albert'. I actually thin it was taken at Barton Stacey, where he was demobbed, but others in the family think it was in Egypt. His younger brother reckons he has his right hand behind his back to hide a wound. However, he never spoke of one, unless the wound was gained in the NAAFI:-D. That's all for now and thanks for the comments Nige
  14. Another one I have found. This is not my Father in Law. I seem to remember him telling me it was a good mate of his that used to escort their convoys. What is the motorcycle? Regards Nige
  15. Many thanks for that info. I thought the Diamond T was a flat bed truck, but the trailer must attach somehow I guess. I'll have to see if I can find one at a show. As to the Scammel, I presume this would have towed a plant trailer as well. Thanks Nige
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