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  1. simon king

    Photobucket backtrack

    Don’t know if this is right Forum or not. Please move if appropriate. Seems that the decision to charge for third party hosting has been reversed. Looks as if all the forum pictures that were hosted via photobucket and had been replaced by that dreaded Photobucket logo are now visible again. You wonder if the brand is terminally damaged though as a result of the original decision to charge.
  2. simon king

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    I have assumed it was a dark blue fouled anchor on a light blue background, and a light blue 30 on a dark blue background but that’s just an assumption based on the colours of the badge applied to BD blouses I notice that there is an MWR behind the Merc in the picture in the Mobility section.
  3. simon king

    Bedford MWC restoration

    Standard panel pins a fraction too small in diameter for some existing pin holes sadly. Bite around edge in those cases is marginal. Fit the countersinks though. In addition there are three pin holes through the panel into the middle frame in line with the two carriage bolts. No pin holes at all on the other side panel, although there were screw holes beneath in the frame. That panel must date from the post-War rebuild as it only had post war colours on it. Sidescreen sockets from Vintage Supplies fit perfectly and lock the panel down onto the frame. Just sanded the chrome to give paint a key.
  4. simon king

    Bedford MWC restoration

    Thanks Richard that helps and that little countersink in your panel ties up with what I see on one of my panels as well. The other doesn’t have any nail holes at all; hence my confusion. Better see what’s on offer at B&Q......
  5. simon king

    Bedford MWC restoration

    Hi Richard, how do you intend (if at all) to secure the metal cab sides to the wooden framing across the top and down the front edge behind the door capping. I am refurbishing the back half of the cab at the moment, and on the evidence of what I have found during the strip down, it could be panel pins, csk screws or nothing at all -and that’s the evidence from just one side.
  6. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Arial dates from 1982..... I’ve just had the same problem x12 working up decal and colour options for some 1/35th model kits
  7. simon king


    298 and 499 are close equivalents/substitutes but not the actual shades for SCC15 and SCC2. Near enough for all but the very picky though - especially as there would have been some manufacturing variation likely anyway. There’s a place in Retford (Paintman Paint) that sells a matched KG3 paint although I have never used it and have no connection to the firm
  8. simon king

    WW1 exhibits /events for 2018

    There is usually some WW 1 wheeled input to Tracks to the Trenches which is held at Apedale, near Stoke on Trent. This year it is being held 13th to 15th July. More info at the Moseley Railway Trust website. The only place to see Baldwin, Hunslet and Hudswell locomotives and Simplex petrol tractors towing the correct WDLR rolling stock on a ballasted and field railway system running into reproduction trenches. The German and French light railway systems will also be represented.
  9. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    If it’s the same stuff as used on the drivers footboard of ajmac’s Loyd Carrier resto, it’s called Pyramid Nosing and is used in the fabrication of steel stairways
  10. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    That warm air feed from the heat shield must have been fitted for a reason. Have you discounted possible carb icing as a reason for the issue?
  11. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Right angle drill attachments often allow you to use power drills in confined places where space dictates that it would be otherwise only possible to use a hand drill.
  12. simon king

    19 set - cosmetic restoration

    After 18 months, I've finally finished the cosmetic refurb of the 19 set to wartime appearance with all the B set controls present. I picked up a scrap 19 set chassis with no faceplate at Stoneleigh which still had the rare B Set tuning wheel in place - as well as a quench coil for the future restoration of another 19 set to go into the wheelarch locker as a spare. I cleaned it up, repainted the numbers and fitted it this morning Job done Thanks to Chris, Nigel and Mark for helping with spares to complete the job.
  13. simon king

    Bedford MWC restoration

    That’s just the standard Caunter Scheme, so sand, silver grey and slate. Google Caunter scheme and use Mike Starmer’s colours as a guide. If you buy his book on the Caunter scheme, you will get the patterns and colour chips for the three colours. sk
  14. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    If the sand trick doesn’t produce the required result, 1 3/8” is just under 35mm which seems to be the maximum diameter for commercially available pipe benders. Could you ask your go-to plumber?
  15. simon king

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    That last OY with the roundel seems to be another truck with a field modification to include a hatch/hip ring over the passenger seat