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  1. There is a seminal book called “Restoring Museum Aircraft” written by Robert Mikesh who was the Senior aircraft curator at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. The techniques described in that book are equally valid to the preservation of vehicles. Mikesh outlines the use of a hard wearing microcrystalline wax to protect original paintwork, to the extent that it is apparently possible once the wax is applied to apply a new coat of paint over the waxed surface and leave the original paint underneath untouched.
  2. Doesn’t the retaining pin for the shaft have a square head to enable you to unscrew it? The common bodge was, as discussed, to hack a hole in the side of the transmission tunnel to enable the shaft to be moved enough to remove the levers
  3. Seen on Facebook. Caption says it’s on its way to Bandiana Wodonga in Oz for auction. That’s all I know.
  4. Is it to give more clearance for fitting traction chains around the pair of wheels perhaps?
  5. Does anybody know the dimensions of the weight and dimension cards onto which details were chalked to assist with loading onto ships in the run up to D-Day. These were either taped onto the outside of vehicles like tanks or placed in the windscreen of cabbed vehicles. thanks
  6. In addition to the knowledge available here, there is an excellent resource for information on Jeeps used by the British Army at the Facebook British Army Jeep Research page. If you have not signed up, it would be well worth your while. It is a very friendly, well managed group.
  7. Still haven’t got a composite picture of the two together.....
  8. Just don’t use M4938625, as there are a couple of those around already😂
  9. That’s the same pump as fitted to my MWR.
  10. Thanks for that. The red and black sockets came from Paul Beck Vintage Car Spares in Malvern. They are reproduction items.
  11. Another step forward. Windscreen back on.
  12. Hi Jim are you using standard gaskets or the copper sandwich ones available from Norman Aish? If the standard ones, are you sure that they are orientated the correct way as apparently you can put them on the wrong way - leading to a leaky join between the head and manifold. simon
  13. No....that post war body has been transferred from a trailer chassis on to the back of the CMP chassis. It is therefore non-original..
  14. I am sure that Trading Standards at Hull City Council also be very interested to hear of your experience with this firm. Somebody I know had similar problems with this same company a few years ago. He got the item eventually but I seem to recall him waiting years rather than months for the said item. It became a standard greeting to ask him if he had received his item yet.......
  15. Thanks Adrian, was interested to see how this progressed. I guess that’s the answer.
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