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  1. What trailer have I bought!?

    That’s a 20cwt GS trailer. There are a couple of restorations by Ian L and Guy66 on here
  2. bedford mw riffle bracket

    A picture is worth a thousand words Hope this clarifies things
  3. bedford mw riffle bracket

    Hi Danny Couple of photos of mine - has a bearing on dimensions the two L-brackets are staightforward - 1/8" thick strip A = 2" B = C = 2.75" D = 3.5" For the long bracket - for a start it differs from your drawing 1- the top corner of the trailing edge is angled/chamfered - 3/4" off overall length (of your dimension F) and width ( of your dimension G) 2 - the strip is just bent through 90 degrees So........................ from 3/16" thick strip (your dimension I) E = 10" F = 6.5" to start of chamfer or 7.25" overall G = 2.5" overall (or 1.75" taking account of chamfer at top) H = 1.5" Holes at bottom end are 2.5" apart on a vertical plane, 0.5" from cut edge For bizarre reason, this one had been welded to a plate, which in turn had been bolted to the stowage bin, but I think I have recovered it to its original shape/dimensions Hope this helps. Progress on mine is glacial but I will get there one day
  4. Orders for marking vehicles prior to D-Day

    Yes - thanks for that - saw that but was trying to find the actual order that went to unit commanders in both US and Commonwealth units telling them to paint unit serial numbers and colour bars on vehicles prior to D-Day. I wanted to see if there is any reference to specific number /colour combinations in the order. I am sure the same order went to all Allied unit commanders I know there were initially separate combinations promulgated for use by US and Commonwealth units (bar Canada who had their own system) but i wanted to see whether these separate combinations remained in use during/post D-Day or whether the number/colour combinations were standardised across Allied forces prior to the invasion. Cheers
  5. bedford mw riffle bracket

    I,ll measure mine tomorrow for you. I am assuming it is an original
  6. I think SHAEF sent out a single order to all Allied unit commanders (British and US) in the run-up to D-Day concerning the need to mark vehicles, material etc with unit serial numbers accompanied by the three coloured bar marking. I am sure I have seen a copy of this order on the web somewhere but I can’t find it now. Can anybody point me in the direction of this order please. Many thanks
  7. Anybody know much about this -apparently to be the subject of a Channel 4 documentary marking the centenary of Cambrai. Seems that the hull has been made by JCB and that it will use modern mechanicals. Press are reporting that there appears to be some hiccup with driving it through Lincoln due to Health and Safety concerns
  8. Signatures

    It seems that signatures only appear if you are signed in to the site. Is that the intention or is that a foible of the new software? My preferred option is to review the site and only sign in if needed. We all had to learn how to use the old system so learning the new system shouldn’t be too hard, particularly as you can seem to immerse yourself to the depth that you want. Can’t be doing with all the touchy feely stuff like reputation/kudos/likes etc etc or having the site wishing me a happy birthday but if that sort of thing floats your boat then you’re going to be a happy bunny.
  9. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Somebody had better tell the RAF Museum as well as they have one in RAF markings on display at Hendon sk
  10. RAF vehicle camouflage

    The “lime green” seems to be (or close to) Green G5, although my understanding is that this was usually used as a disruptive colour over khaki green G3 rather than being used with SCC2. Never say never though!
  11. Bedford flatfront axles

    Thanks Richard, that is very helpful sk
  12. Bedford flatfront axles

    Thanks for that. Just the sort of information I needed!
  13. Bedford flatfront axles

    Were the front and back axles of the MW and O Series Bedfords the same? thanks
  14. Thistlegorm vehicles - mistaken identities

    Pete Gaine has recently restored a Morris CS11/30 Ambulance. Currently advertised for sale on Milweb.
  15. Holes in GPW tub

    Hi Chris, I assumed you were ok with most of the holes but wasn't sure. Those series of holes do look pukka don't they but I can't for the life of me think of any jeep installations or add ons that would have needed them, suggesting they are from post war use. Have you tried asking the question on the G503 forum? If there is an answer, someone on there will have it. cant think of a good bodyman as I replaced the back panel on mine with PB in the garage but if you find one, let me know as there will be some MW wings and a footstep generator box to sort out soon. Did the MWR body you used for your MW have a data plate by any chance?Have you got a photo. Do you also have any photos of the floor showing the fixing arrangements for the operators seat at the front? cheers