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  1. simon king

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    If it was a purely domestic vehicle, used for delivering the post or running stores around the station, would they even bother to repaint to match the current regulations. The van is unlikely to be in a "combat" situation and all the regulations seem to state that vehicles should only be repainted into a new scheme when the vehicle needed to be repainted. As a station runabout it might not have had a lot of hammer and the paint never deteriorated to the point where it needed another coat. It is possible that it was requisitioned in early 1940 or was delivered to an post Dunkirk contract where anything with wheels was welcome so it might have been refinished or finished in blue-grey/black wings or KG3/black wings. Just a thought
  2. simon king

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    The narrow gauge War Department Light Railway workshop trains are well illustrated in WDLR Album by Roy Link. They seem to be built onto the standard D Class bogie wagon chassis and are therefore longer than the IWM example. Could be the source of the idea that it was once a railway wagon, although it would have had to be cut down.
  3. simon king

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I have a similar original repair on my jeep block under the distributor boss to repair frost damage. There’s a lot more screws around the perimeter of the applied patch though.
  4. simon king

    Bedford OYC Water Carrier - Preserved Example?

    The OYC was a Bedford OY 3 ton chassis and cab bodied by external suppliers. In the case of a tanker likely to have been Butterfields or Thompson’s. There seem to be quite a few in preservation if google images is to be believed
  5. simon king

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Don’t know why people just don’t google TK620 as I did. It pulls up a picture taken on the same occasion from a different angle, with the camouflaged B35 in exactly the same position. Why overcomplicate?
  6. simon king

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Possibly Mosquito B35, TK620 XD-A of 139 Squadron RAF Faid, Egypt in 1948/49
  7. simon king

    Bedford MWR 1943

    We think that wooden holder might be for the oil funnel. No 43 on Page 5 of drivers handbook
  8. simon king

    Bedford MWR 1943

    There seems to be a fold down footstep attached to the inside tailgate. I think I have seen this on another surviving MWR. Wonder if this was a standard MWR fitment or a post war addition. My MWR is also fitted with a standard towhook
  9. simon king

    10cwt mortar trailer.

    i saved these pictures of the same brass OEC plate off the web a while ago. Probably came from the long HMVF thread on 10cwt trailers. Looks as if the census number is only 10 distant from yours, Your census number X 5439529 is listed on page 87 on the copy of the Chilwell list that I have from the batch X5438651 to 5439610 - Make is listed as Brockhouse - did they buy out Orme Evans during the war?
  10. simon king

    10cwt mortar trailer.

    Tony you are probably right. My excuse is a long day at Goodwood yesterday
  11. simon king

    10cwt mortar trailer.

    OEC is Owen Equipment Company I believe, one of 4 or 5 different manufacturers of these trailers, each firm having their own particular foibles
  12. simon king

    10cwt mortar trailer.

    Peter, You are very welcome to come over and look at my 10cwt GS in North Notts if you need to check or measure anything. Has the earlier type of hitch though
  13. simon king

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    30 seconds of Googling “Caunter Scheme” will pull up any number of photos showing the hard straight edges used in this scheme. The Austin is a superb recreation of this short lived camouflage, using the correct colours of Portland Stone, Silver grey and Service colour or slate Incidentally that photo of a CMP truck in Caunter thought to be an original contemporary colour photo is apparently a still from a recent Czech film
  14. simon king

    WS19-when introduced?

    Everything but precise dates of entry into service unfortunately. Not much of interest to most people I guess.
  15. simon king

    WS19-when introduced?

    Does anyone know when the WS19 came into widespread use as a replacement for the WS9? Is it likely that WS19 sets would have been retrofitted into the A10 cruiser tanks in North Africa and Greece? thanks