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  1. The type 47A-29 switchboard for lights and ignition was used in many softskin vehicles such as Bedfords, Fordsons, Humbers, Morris Commercial etc. Professionally produced waterslide transfers to replace the original silkscreened lettering on these instrument panel units which tends to wear off with use and can cost an arm and a leg to have replaced. . Photo shows transfers applied to restored unit. Each set includes the option for either CAV logo or CAV in capital letters as shown. Cost £6.50 with additional sets sent at the same time for £5.00
  2. Isn’t it more likely to be a conversion of the obsolete Morris C8/MG 2pdr Anti tank gun portee?
  3. That Visual Control Room is a post war addition to the tower. The original VCR would have been a square glass box like that at East Kirkby
  4. simon king

    DO 17 raising

    You can’t save everything, but if you think that the money and manpower spent so far could have better helped to put some wings on the Hampden, Brigand, Wallace and Southampton fuselages, or contributed towards the (admittedly private) Whitley and Stirling projects, then yes why spend so much on the recovery and attempted stabilisation of flaking and fizzing aluminium.
  5. Wonder how they’re going to use the Apache.........
  6. Sounds silly, but had you thought of buying the Thunder Models 1/35th scale kit of the TRCU trailer? Gives you a 3-D scale representation of how the trailer fits together. Much clearer than a drawing. They also do both early and later Goose Neck versions.
  7. The Army Wheels in Detail No 18 on the Scammell Pioneer you referenced in your first post has 1/72nd scale drawings of the early trailer but not the later goose neck trailer.
  8. Look on the bright side, stick your stomach out and you’ve got cruise control. Been there; got the XXL t-shirt.
  9. There is an IWM series of films on the 51st Highland Division preparing for D-Day. There is a fleeting image of a Phantom WSC towing a 10cwt GS trailer making its way down to the port of embarkation. I may have a lead to see if there are any unofficial photos of Pip Roberts’ WSC but don’t hold your breath. It may before some months before I see my lead again.
  10. Peter, have you not got one of those right angle electric drill extension thingies. Got mine from Machine Mart I think. The sort of thing you only use once in a blue moon, but in those circumstances it’s a godsend.
  11. There is one on sale on Milweb at the moment but it requires some work to take it back to the original configuration
  12. I know of at least 3 MWs currently being restored in SCC2😉
  13. Thanks Peter. That’s useful. I don’t think these GS trailers had any lighting at all when first built so there were variations, not only in how and where the lights were fitted but also how the trailer lights were connected to the towing vehicle. Some seemed to have the cable coming out through a hole drilled in the plate at the front of the drawbar. These then had “park socket” for the cable on the side of the drawbar. In others the trailer cabling seemed to start at a female connector half way down the drawbar and it was linked to the towing vehicle by a separate cable with male connectors at either end. I guess fitters just drew what parts they needed from stores.
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