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  1. Does anyone have a spare fuse box cover or can send me a picture of which fuses are for what?
  2. Hi, I have a pair of new rope available, feel free to give me a call or pm. Darrell 07748594529
  3. Another one of the spares I purchased that are not required anymore. This is the outer drum and the inner hub, complete with the friction linings. Both parts are new and still in the original packaging. £300 for both parts.
  4. Another item to come out of the shed that's not required now. This is a new, old stock radiator that I purchased from Marcus Glenn 10 years ago. It's in the wooden transit box and hasn't been opened since I bought it. not sure what it's worth, so feel free to make me an offer. Darrell 0774 8594529
  5. I have a take out gearbox for sale, complete with both steering calipers. As it is a take out, the condition is unknown, I bought it as a spare for my Samson, as this has now been sold I have no need for the gearbox. £1500
  6. Hi all, having retired from the CVRT scene it's time to clear the shed of the items I might just have needed one day. The first item to come out is an Aluminium A-Bar, not sure what they are worth these days so open to sensible offers.
  7. I am having a little difficulty engaging 2 & 5 when forward is selected, however, all gears can be engaged when in reverse. I have received various, contradictory reasons for this, anyone have any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the links. There are details and pictures of the standard ATMP, but I've not seen any with the full WMIK, check out the bottom right picture on the link. http://www.supacat.com/files/pdf/Supacat-ATMP-specification.pdf
  9. Can anyone help with any information on the Supacat ATMP WMIK, in service pictures etc? I am part way through a refurbishment and need help with the detailed installation of kit that's fits the various racks.
  10. Hi, can anyone confirm the exact length of the firing pin for the 105mm M1A2, as mine has been ground off. It's the actual pin that crews into the main assembly I need. Thanks
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