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  1. Thanks John, I have just emailed Robert doug
  2. So, has anybody got some good clear photos of the weasel canvas clips/ hardware etc? I seem to keep hitting a dead end:nut:
  3. So, having just sold my 3 year rebuild of my USA imported Willys Jeep, I have found a weasel. Anyone on here good contacts for parts info etc? I have joined the M29c Forum too. I am in need of the canvas and or the hardware. I know I haven't been on here much for a few years but film work has been keeping me very busy. any help is much appreciated Doug
  4. Very interested! About 10 of us in 41st armoured infantry kit and George with his M3 international half track, loved the last A&E!! doug
  5. Yep, I built that on the chassis of a mahindra military jeep, it was bought in to the UK by a British army major when he left India , I sold it to my mate almost a year ago and took it to Normandy and war and peace, we also took it to slouches last September , I am halfway through a 1945 jeep now. It was built for WW2 Airsoft games so I modified it slightly from the original pics of the T25's that were built in 41/42. It was a fun projects and drives so well with the overdrive I fitted:-) Doug
  6. So, I take it you are not doi g the evening 40's bash Jack? Pity,,,, I'm 45! :DHa ha if you do decide to do anything, Dog Company will be there to back it Doug
  7. It's never going to be bang on, but it's close and a bit of fun:D and let's face it, who has ever seen one close up?:angel:Of course I diddnt chop up a war time jeep, it was a CJ but,,,,still a jeep:laugh:
  8. yesterday,,,,,, got all the rear end pretty much sorted and bumperettes fitted today, paint was wet so looks a bit glossy;) Doug
  9. all booked and paid for! thanks jack! will get some pics up soon for you:-)
  10. Sorry Rosie I missed your question! It's out this summer I believe, there is a teaser-trailer on line now for Prometheus , look out for the 8wd vehicles, I worked on those😉 doug
  11. One of the SFX engineers I worked with on the last 3 harry potter films was the guy that put the jeep in the pond!:-)
  12. Ok thanks, it's just I can't book on until I know what vehicle I will be in, mine or in James GMC either way realy don't want to miss this:shocked: is there a date you have set as a cut off for last years attendees? All the best Doug
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