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  1. The wickerwork basket effect on the Crusader AA is also note worthy. I don't recall seeing anything on Zimmerit on British tanks in action, but there it is well spotted.
  2. Look, listen and take heed, the program starts at 10pm until 11pm
  3. As used on Panther Ausf A & G and Tiger, mid to late I and all II.
  4. Was there not something similar in Classic Military Vehicles a year or so ago? If I recall correctly it was built on an original chassis.
  5. The best way to solve the problem is visit a foundry and ask the experts. Modern SG cast irons are much better than the early CI. the can bend and twist whilst not snapping. The same goes for the casting design ask at the foundry, they will also put you in touch with pattern makers. Be prepared to drill out the castings for the track pins, it can be done, I've done it.
  6. You need to be a contortionist of small stature to fit in the thing let alone move about in it.
  7. Unfortunately the only option on TV is 'Combat Dealers' which in the true meaning of the term Hobson's Choice is why I put up with it. What the subject needs is someone with the gravitas of the late Raymond Baxter such as the likes of David Fletcher or David Willy Here proper full length TV programmes could be made as opposed to the 5 minute internet ones they present at the moment. No longer would we be subjected to a presenter starring into the camera with the expression of a man desperately trying to hold on to an obstreperous stool. Tonight I have a choice of Combat Dealers or Dan Cruickshank's Monuments of Remembrance on BBC4... If I was a gambling man I would watch horse racing I wouldn't watch Muffin the Mule prancing around on the screen and the same should be true with our hobby.
  8. As ever Combat Dealers was enlightening, informative and entertaining. I once had a Ferret but sadly it needed more than just a clamp for the sand channels and a bit of welding on a hinge to increase it in value by £2,000. Speaking of the sand channel clamp one of the twins said 'Then I lathed a steel disc'' …… Surely you turn on a lathe. Perhaps the scrip writers thought if you mill on a miller, shape on shaper, drill on a drill therefore it stands to reason where lathes are concerned. Also where is the £20,000 Ferret that was spoken about, did it sell?
  9. Certainly an impressive looking vehicle, hats off to the team that built it.
  10. I'm rather disgusted that Combat Dealers can be compared to Thomas the Tank Engine. One programme has high production standards and a believable quality script whilst the other has a bloke gurning into the camera and would be rejected by children's TV as to childish.
  11. A Waffen SS toasting fork! That would be priceless and at least one episode of Combat Dealers could be devoted to it, do you have the bread to go with it?. A sequel would be 'Thimbles of the Third Reich ' in which one is purchased from a French peasant for just 3 Euro which turns out to be Hitler's...…….
  12. Well, it is so poor and contrived it really has to be seen to be believed.
  13. I wish I'd watched the program on subs instead
  14. Did anyone see 'Combat Dealers' last night on Quest at 9.00pm? It was entitled 'French Resistance' I won't spoil the plot by telling you all what happened. Although as a side line, when any series is launched except say a drama where the episodes have to be in chronological order, the first programme is often consider the best to entice viewers in and to stay and watch the rest. Last night's Combat Dealers hopefully didn't follow this rule as it was absolutely pitiful piffle, a cross between 'Allo Allo and fun with fire arms. If it was a turkey it would be stuffed by now.
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