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  1. Tony, Take it off and bring it along to me.
  2. Come on guys someone must know on this forum.
  3. I remember when you got petrol money to attend most shows, you shouldn't have to pay, after all no vehicles no show!
  4. Has enyone had to statically time their diesel injector pump on a Bedford TM, the engine is the 500T, the pump is the CAV minimec. I am having it overhauled at the moment due to water in the fuel.
  5. Have you tried ATS truck tyres at Alesford, they were good with the Bedford TM tyres.
  6. Any excuse to play with a Land rover.
  7. The Onan can be set for 240v or 110v depending on the link positions.
  8. Yep, condenser is breaking down when it's getting hot.
  9. It was a very nice red jacket, I thought you were with the Napoleonic re enactors.
  10. Some of the MMVG will be going, I'll have the Radio body 101 and the 90 possibly the Quad
  11. Pre 1983 or 84 is exempt from side bars, i'm sure someone will confirm the year, the Bedford did bounvce out of the brake test machine, quite an interesting experiance.
  12. Amazing what you can do with super glue!
  13. The cabs are the standard Bedford weak point as they are made of thin steel and rust well check especially the roof, the cab floor and the top of the wings under the rubber treads. Check the front tractor joints and the swivel pins. The chassis are usually good and engines are usually reliable but access to the engine is tight. Check the gear selector Knob pipework as this is plastic and can melt giving all sorts of selection problems. Check the air system filter and governor, it can get stuck and over pressurise the system, this will push the pilot valve on the clutch servo through the valve seat and the changing gear becomes a bit of a challenge. If I think of anything else I'll post again, The TM is not that bad and is a good truck to drive however they are "Medium mobility" and like most trucks are not that good off road. Good luck finding a TM
  14. I'll be there with the 101 radio body and the MMVG including Sean's fixed 101.
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