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  1. I'll take the loom if still available.
  2. phil.c

    Jeep carburettor problems

    For it to stall when you open the throttle means you have a problem in your high speed circuit. The rebuild kits going around are not the best, the plunger stuck in mine. Also if you changed the meter rod etc you have to adjust it (not easy).
  3. phil.c

    WW2 US Army chest

    Pm,d Phil
  4. phil.c

    US unit markings?

    Thanks for reply`s most helpful
  5. phil.c

    US unit markings?

    Hi guys, picked up a Bantam trailer recently with markings on rear as 1A 38C C15 can make an educated guess however not really up on markings but would like to know exactly what they stand for. Regards Phil
  6. phil.c

    Jeep combat rims

    Thanks Pete, I think your right. New ones would save me a lot of time and effort.
  7. phil.c

    Jeep combat rims

    I would attempt it but haven`t got the facilities.
  8. phil.c

    Jeep combat rims

    Anyone out there had their combat rims straightened? I have a set and would prefer to use them but all are buckled. Phil.
  9. phil.c

    6 volt Jeep generator problem

    Thanks chaps, Thought about doing it myself but not sure if the shaft is damaged.
  10. Hi, my generator rear bush has worn and needs repairing. Is there anyone who has experience of this type of job. My local electrical motors shop had a look but says its a bit beyond his scope [probably needs machining]. Generator is a late type with sealed bearing at front and bush at rear. Phil
  11. phil.c

    Ford GPW Tyres

    I don`t think they had a specific maker so could be fitted with Firestones, Goodyear etc. Ford made their own tyres early in the war but read somewhere that Russia had all the equipment off them to produce over there. Size is usually 600 x 16. Only seen firestones available lately. Phil
  12. phil.c

    30/ 50 cal replicas

    Thanks Paul, much appreciated
  13. phil.c

    30/ 50 cal replicas

    Hi. Thinking of buying a 30 or 50 cal copy (originals just too pricey). Trying to find some feedback on cross fire but can't find much on the internet. Nice to see some pics if anyone's got any, also do they make jeep mounts? Phil
  14. phil.c

    tank sealer

    Thanks for all your responses. Very helpful. Regards Phil