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  1. Just a nudge Nige regarding lunette, probably could do with housing also as I have the Ben Hur set up if you can help. Regards Phil
  2. Thanks for reply`s. Haven`t got the facilities to do it myself but would like to know if you come up with anything Skelly. Phil
  3. I too have been after one of these early trays but with no luck, I'm thinking of welding the two mounting brackets onto a later model instead. They are a little easier to find. Phil
  4. I know this subject has come up before but has anyone had any luck with repairing bent rims. I have a few lying around that where too out of true for my jeep so went in the shed. Also is it possible to rebuild the stud holes. Phil
  5. Thanks Andy I'll look into it.
  6. Looking for a straight trailer lunette if anyone has one to sell. Phil
  7. that`s a bit out of my price range with import duties ect.
  8. Thanks again for reply. I would not want to butcher it anyway just thinking I could adapt the ammo tray maybe by adding the angled brackets. Will have a good search first for an early one.
  9. Thanks for the pics much appreciated, think I may struggle to find one of those trays. Is it possible to attache a later type?
  10. Can someone show me what type of ammo tray fits this mount, I'm assuming it's an early one.
  11. Thanks, Been looking for a while but couldn't find any info at all.
  12. Thanks fellas, does that make it a post war patch
  13. p Picked this up the other day but can't identify the arm patch. Any ideas?
  14. For it to stall when you open the throttle means you have a problem in your high speed circuit. The rebuild kits going around are not the best, the plunger stuck in mine. Also if you changed the meter rod etc you have to adjust it (not easy).
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