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  1. Does anybody feel that the MVT are somewhat failing in their stated aims in the furtherance our hobby for the mutual benefit of ALL members? I have been reading Windscreen for around 3 years now and have formed the opinion that there would seem to be a definite bias in favour of certain groups/areas. In the current edition of Windscreen there is absolutely no mention of the Military and Flying Machines show held at Damyns Hall at the start of August. Indeed in John Carroll's article he states " unexpectedly early August was quiet while much of the population was on holiday" I find it hard to believe that somebody so senior in the MVT hasn't heard about what must be one of the bigger MVT shows, so what does he silence on the subject say? I attended the Damyns Hall show and found it excellent, well run and very well attended. I also attended Wicksteed at War and I must say that as it was our National MVT show I assumed it would be something special, sadly in truth it was far from that. Needless to say there were a lot of column inches given over to the Wicksteed show in Windscreen. If the MVT fail to represent, support and help all groups within their organisation than they are falling very far short of their stated aims. As our governing body they should be there for all of their members.
  2. Went along to the Brooklands MV day yesterday, luckily the weather stayed dry although overcast and there were some very nice vehicles there. i hadn't been to Brooklands for a very long time and was pleasantly surprised. The new Bus Museum is well worth a visit in it's own right.
  3. Even needing restoration that old girl still shows her class! Great choice of vehicle and hats off to you for saving her, I look forward to the updates!
  4. We have two Jeeps and a Bedford MW in our gang, hopefully one or two others joining. We're travelling down the day before and staying overnight in the Hilton Portsmouth, secure overnight parking, and a last taste of civilisation before a weeks camping. It'll also give me a chance to get over the Jeep ar*e I'll be suffering from after the journey from Essex! :nut:
  5. I've just spoken to a non-MV owning friend who's had a great deal of difficulty in booking accomodation for the D-Day commemorations, he was told by several hotel owners that a lot of the rooms have had to be kept back for visiting dignitaries and their staff. He was also told the event could well be bigger that the recent G20 Conference! So once again if you're thinking of going to France for D-Day the time to act is now!
  6. Good advice! you have time on your side do don't rush into buying one until you are perfectly happy with it. This one does indeed sound like it could be a can of worms!
  7. Just a " heads up" to say that anyone who is thinking of going to Normandy next year needs to start getting booked up NOW! The ferry companies have released next year's sailings and they are starting to go like the proverbial hot cakes! I know it seems like a long way off but as it's the 70th anniversary they'll be an awful lot of extra people going. We've already booked our ferries and campsites and even then we couldn't get exactly what we wanted re sailing times. Now that's done all I've got to do is break the news to she who must be obeyed, looks like a winter of decorating for me!
  8. Nice project, keep us updated with the restoration process please! The WOT family do seem to be few and far between, perhaps we should start a photo gallery?
  9. You need to join the g.503 website and post your question there, that is THE Jeep website where all the Jeep experts live. If it's come from the U.S then I can't see it being a Hotchkiss, but as in everything in collecting if it doesn't feel right there's usually a reason for that feeling. Funnily enough I saw a Jeep for sale recently that looked for all the world like a Hotchkiss, yet it had the notch in the dashboard, so perhaps somebody had altered it? As these vehicles are going up in price I suppose this sort of thing will increase? Make sure you're well prepared and don't be rushed into buying, you can normally find good honest Jeeps for sale. or do what I did and buy a Ford GPW, most parts are F stamped so it's easy to tell! :-D
  10. Welcome aboard Oliver, now we're all sitting around the campfire so to speak so shall we have your first question please! Whatever it is somebody on this forum will know! :cool2:
  11. I would have thought £150 about the correct price for a pair, a friend of mine struggled like mad to find a pair for his Bedford MW, (the thread is on this website) He eventually got a pair and that's the thing, a lot more people want them that there are stocks available. I don't think you're being ripped off at £150 a pair.
  12. Shame about Brooklands, are there no alternative venues you could try? 2015 is a long way off!
  13. Dependent on date, I'll come along in the WOT2H, it would be great to see a line up of Ford V8 powered vehicles. :cool2:
  14. Welcome aboard Andy, yes you've come to the right place if you like all things military, it's a disease we all suffer from! :nut:
  15. Welcome aboard Tim and Julie, fine choice of vehicle! You'll never be cold again.
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