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  1. Lads i'm looking for information or pictures on universal carrier's with the hedge row teeth attached to thier front , like on the shermans and stuart tanks in Normandy. Did they have them on UC's? thiers got to be sumthing out thier, i've looked everyware for field modifications with no luck . anything would be great right now Cheers Mike
  2. is this the "EVILFATMAN" BIG STEVE? Cheers BIG MIKE
  3. I thought the British were'nt allowed to put female names on thier vehicle's. only VC winners,linage names (mallbough,suffolk, etc, or Battle honors. On my carrier repersenting the RNF in ww2 I put Regt's 1st battle honor on her "Whilhelmstal" in the 1700's. Cheers BIG MIKE
  4. Thier either should have been a flashing red light on the muzzle or a Bright orange muzzle cover or a Bright red flag strapped to the barrel , seems the problem was with the driver of the pickup. My 2 cents worth, Big Mike
  5. http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u279/grenidier/Picture064-1.jpg?t=1185889007 this is my 10,000lb trailer witch I transport my carrier on . Cheers BM
  6. NOW lad get that beasty up and running! Cheers BM
  7. note the bren gun tripod on the lower left hand corner of the pic laying on the ground folded up. Was this carrier knocked out? BM
  8. WOW I would love to see thoses pics Nick, What were they mk2 carriers in a crate?, Mike
  9. I just found my # on my carrier located on the rear left angle iron #9323. Mike
  10. Jonathan I think you'll need that landy for fording purposes....... in the flooded thames :shake:. Cheers BIG MIKE
  11. http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u279/grenidier/?action=view&current=Picture065-1.flv Jonathan show your Dad this Vid, Cheers BGM
  12. http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u279/grenidier/?action=view&current=Picture073.flv anothervid , Mind you this as taken in Feb of this year , on that day it was colder than your ice box. BM
  13. http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u279/grenidier/?action=view&current=Picture192.flv my carrier walk around video, Cheers BIG MIKE
  14. WOW it's going to be a great scrap, This yank wants sidline seat! LOL BM
  15. The Bin ware the tools go into , ware in the carrier does that go in? last pic, the Ice sraper I never seen one with a curve cut into it , my both ice scrapers are striaght on either side. Mike
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