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  1. Hi Russell It's from 'War Paint'. Khakl Green No3 Patt. 034594 Batch number AJ0835 I ordered this in October 2014. And Kerry matched it to a sample, I need to order another 5 litres so hope with the details above it can be matched...... Cheers Jules
  2. yes Mike your right, it is the higher windscreen as it's a 1941 production model, i'm sure it will be nicer to drive without the canvas flapping on my head ! The colour is extreamly close to Khaki Green No3 and i matched it from a lovely clean area of original paint on the Voltage regulator bracket, when i removed the Voltage Reg, there it was, i have kept that bit original.
  3. Thanks Richard, i've just emailed them ! Jules
  4. Thanks guys, yes, i think i know the set up, the top right pipe from the Autovac goes to the induction manifold, the top left to the fuel cock ( connected), then the bottom pipe from the Autovac goes to the fuel filter then the Carb. my problem is, i need one more fine threaded female connector to go on the induction pipe so it can screw onto the Autovac ? any ideas ? thanks for your help Jules
  5. Trial fitting of the windscreens........ Also working on the front radiator faring, fuel pipes, and fitting the radiator properly plumbed. Just awaiting spark plugs & then I can make up the leads. Hope to get engine running in April Jules
  6. I'm just plumbing the fuel system on the Morris PU. I have noticed that there are two different threads used, on all the pipe ends, tank selector cock and fuel filter the mail threads are all the same, quite a course thread, however on the two outlets on the Autovac unit the threads are the same size but a finer thread? Is this the norm, or are the two outlets in my Autovac wrong ? ( this assembly was missing when I got the truck) Jules
  7. What spark plugs should I use in my 1941 Morris 6 cylinder engine ? Jules
  8. Thanks for that Mike When I got my truck this filter had already been removed so I did not see where it came from. This is where I thought it goes but is slightly different on yours...".
  9. yes Mike, it is the same part, but is in the engine bay on the PU
  10. Hello Mike i have a tool for flaring the ends like the originals, but looking at the originals being brass, they are very good and probably more solid than the modern brake tubing, however i will evaluate each section as i go. yes, i do have a copy of your excellent drawings they were a great use to me with the Humber PU and will again for the Morris. one tiny detail that is baffling me is the position of the brass fuel filter that sits behind the carb, and i believe bolts at the top onto the inlet manifold ? any photos of that area would be really useful please. cheers Jules
  11. So things will start coming on fast now, I'll try to post each week. Jules
  12. QqWell, sorry for the long time in last posting progress on the PU , I have been busy with all the small bits like the brake systems and both axles were worked on a few months ago, along with rebuilding the leaf springs. So, following the chassis blasting and primer coat, followed by two good coats of Khaki green number 3 , there was just one thing stopping me from starting the build up, our 1970 Triumph Herald, in the garage, well that was sold last weekend so work got straight underway on assembly, so last week saw the chassis married to the axles via the leaf springs, wheels on temporary to aid movement. So this weekend it was time to drop the engine & gearbox in thanks to Tom, it went well
  13. Hello Martin That looks like a very interesting and rare project, would you add some more photos of the whole vehicle inside and out please. Good luck Jules
  14. having agreed on that it is a 'reconstruction' it is still a very fair price in order to start with a good ? chassis, engine and running gear. finishing, if done properly with a vehicle worth twice that in any format, Box, PU or Ambulance . Jules
  15. I have used Warpaint for several projects now and very pleased whether sprayed or painted. I have done a lot of research re ww2 British paint colours, but the best source is Mike Starmers book. Early/ Mid war, your looking at khaki green No3 or later (1944/45) British olive drab. Warpaint will help and mix to your finish, I always go for full Matt. Jules
  16. Don't forget to save some space for your Morris PU project! Chassis is here when you want it mate......
  17. Very nice If I did not already have one..................... Certainly appears to be a very good price Jules
  18. Hi Tailgunner Looks like you have made good progress so far, not easy to find turret cupolas, though back in the 1980's we recovered about 6 Lancaster mid upper turret cupolas in Oxfordshire being used as garden clotches ! We swapped them for various other aeroplane parts at the time........ Sorry I can't help with anything else, but good luck. Jules
  19. [quote name=Jelleyboy;461262 I know I need to drill 2 additional holes on the windscreen sections to allow the motors through' date=' going to hopefully attach to the unused panel switch on the dash if it works. Thanks in advance, Luke Luke, This may sound obvious, when drilling the extra holes, remember you are very close to the edge of the glass. Be very careful. Jules
  20. Nice Morris C8 on eBay Sorry can't do the link...... Jules
  21. Richard, Check the contacts where the fuse pushes in on the lower part of the control box, these often get dirty / corroded give it a rub with some emery cloth. other than that the CAV boxes are quite often available, but very few are NOS. I have several on the shelf, in various states. Cheers Jules
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