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  1. Yes Tim looks ok, I too have one on my 'Christmas' list, but I have seen some much better examples over here for around £5000. TTFN Jules
  2. Rick, going back to the question of the Horn button, Yes, it is the small button in the hand throttle mounting on the column again new ones available from AES. Jules
  3. Your right of course, you could buy them cheeper, if you can find them! I bought 500 from my local War Surplus store, so have to get what I can for them! Its the only way I can afford the Fuel for my M3 ! I could, actually will discount them for HMVF members..................£10 each.................hows that!
  4. These are what you want, Ferrets carried two of them strapped to the top, Can be supplied, brand new old stock, Empty of course! £25 + £6 UK postage
  5. Rick, My starter button is from a MK1 Landy, there is a company who I buy all my electrical supplies from, called Auto Electrical Supplies, they sell several push starters. Cheers Jules
  6. I must have been very lucky with mine, no rebuild and did not even give it a thought about re polarising it! Perhaps someone could add here a simple method for doing this? Jules
  7. Hello Baz Thank you for the info, good idea the white circle, please explain the other markings on your jeep ? Tim, Yes I will return your Mine book, but can not make it to the Oct Meeting, too many vehicles to finish!!!!!! Jules
  8. Hi Guys Any of you know about bumper markings on British jeeps. I am just repainting a 1943 Willys MB in British 14th Army colours. I am painting the 14th Army sheild on the windscreen, but what markings go on the bumper or rear ? Regards Jules
  9. Why do I get a back fire from my M3 several seconds after I turn the engine off ? is there a cure ? It only happens when the engine has got warmed up or been on a run. Jules
  10. A truly sad loss to the Airshow world and Brian Browns Family. This MkXII has not long been rebuilt, and belonged to the 'REAL AEROPLANE COMPANY' based at Duxford. Brian was a very experienced pilot, I am sure everyones thoughts are with his family right now. Jules
  11. Anyone have any spare M1 A1 Anti Tank mines they want to sell ? or know who is making any good repros Julian.
  12. and another, seems I can only attach one photo at a time!
  13. Rick Here are some rather poor photos of mine, Yes, both sides are equal, I am having some sections made for my 'No2' at the moment. anyway here some photos. I wil post some photos of my M3 in the Tracked forum.
  14. Rick, Will send photos soon, but both halfs of windscreen will be the same. They both overlap the centre post. I made a new wiring loom for mine, got all the correct cotton covered wire from Auto Electrics. I copied the original loom and wired mine Negative Earth, so much less hassle. Pleased to have completed another 200+ mile trip to Beltring with no problems, averaged 45mph quite nicely on the M25. REgards Julian.
  15. Hi Tony Having just stripped the canvas of my M3 so I could wash the Beltring mud from it (what a job!) That Kentish soild is where the old saying comes from:- Like .... to a blanket! or a Half Track in my case!. Any way, an answer to your question the lengths of the Bow extentions are as follows. Front :- 17" Middle:- 20" Rear :- 26" All the best Julian.
  16. Yes, Rick has it right. The Morris Engine was a shinny dark green colour from the factory, mine was in parts where it was not over painted with british army duck egg green in the 1950's. Will we see an addition to the morris club at Beltring this year Rick?
  17. Not very clear is it! I think it should be 3.5 tons unladen, which if we are to believe various specifications for the C8 state that it is 4.027 kg (8.950 lb) also all the pfhotos I have seen of these type of vehicle are wearing 4/5 ton bridge plates! I am off to a public weighbridge on Saturday, to see what she weighs unladen. There is also a complication with the fact it has to be 'unladen' to qualify as 'historic' and tax free! There really should be better guide lines on this question.
  18. I have been told by my post office that I can not tax my Morris Commercial C8, because I do not have an MOT certificate, I was under the impression that one was not needed, due to its age and weight class. How can I prove this, I have been told even by my local DVLA office that their records do not show which vehicles are classed as MOT exempt. Has any one else had this problem recently ? Any hints on proving weight etc. Julian
  19. That rust is just typical of the Morris, As far as I can see, it is all due to the Rad. Most C8 owners will have had problems with rusted Rad fairings at the bottom. I have noticed at certain times my rad will expel water, this runs out of the cap & down the back of the rad, thus sitting in the rad fairing and cross member ! Jules
  20. Can anyone give me a colour match or photos of what colour WW2 British Ammunition tins should be painted please. Cheers Julian.
  21. Yes, looks good Richard. I used a jig saw with a wood blade to cut my tyres, you only need to take 3mm off all round. Regards Julian. Morris Commercial C8 GS Ford GPW Whites M3 Half track
  22. Hi Richard I expect you have got your answer now, but just to confirm. NEG EARTH. I have some rad hoses, again I bought a meter of each, will sort you some out. Cheers Julian Morris Commercial C8 GS
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