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  1. selling my lovely 1941 Morris PU project, i've very nearly finished her but another project forces a quick sale. its been a chassis up restoration, every nut & bolt changed and restored through out to very high quality. engine overhauled and runs things left to finish are wiring, exhaust, minor body parts need fitting. registering and enjoying............. give me a ring 07887473485 or drop me an email asking price £15,000
  2. The word is 'possible' it's far from easy, apart from all the obvious ancillary needs, fuel, coolant tanks etc it can't be run without a propellor or large 'flywheel' Running one of these is not for the faint hearted! But great fun and very rewarding. Jules
  3. https://www.brightwells.com/classic-motoring/bicester-classic-vintage/bicester-classic-vintage-october-2017/catalogue-25th-october/
  4. I enjoyed the week at the Hop Farm this year despite the weather, it was good to be back a little closer to home. I particularly liked the Gentlemans lounge and I thought the showers were very good especially the portable ones. Only criticism as others was lack of toilets. The Humber drove there and back faultlessly so that's always a bonus. Jules
  5. Are these any good ? Quite small probably about 5ft 5 to 5ft 6 Sorry don't know why it has only loaded half a photo, but it has a top pocket and rubber buttons Jules
  6. Well the Morris PU has gone back in the barn to make way for my exciting new project, thanks to one our fellow forum members. A 1938 Rolls Royce Merlin II as fitted in Spitfires and Hurricanes There are a few bits still to source, so if anyone knows of any Merlin parts please let me know. I also have two late series Merlin engines Jules
  7. Sorry Ian already sold, moments after i had listed it ! Jules
  8. Here I have a spare Humber Heavy Utility 4x4 Stearing Wheel in Excellent condition with centre cap. £80 Jules
  9. Thanks Wally spot on ! and a good price too............. i never would have guessed they were called that !
  10. does anyone know a supplier of these tail gate castings ? cheers Jules
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