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  1. Thanks Clive it was the tnx that puzzled mec
  2. Where do I find the booking reference number
  3. Can recommend POR15 used with success on 7 fuel tanks in the last 3 years
  4. What information are you looking for
  5. Seen that one hoping possibly to find something a bit more detailed. We have one to put into a M3 Stuart just trying to figure out the wiring for a regulator
  6. Did you manage to find a wiring diagram
  7. I know of two occasions when the bolts holding on the pulley have sheared
  8. You should be able to insure it on the chassis number
  9. So sorry to read about Degsy. He'll be missed
  10. Can highly recommend bondaprimer
  11. If you google 5/16x 20tpi the answer is a Uns thread . unified special
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