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  1. So sorry to read about Degsy. He'll be missed
  2. Can highly recommend bondaprimer
  3. All depends on the owner and what is wanted
  4. Then you'll be far to busy to finish Daisy
  5. If you google 5/16x 20tpi the answer is a Uns thread . unified special
  6. I suspect that it's too late now but I can get the proper bearings £106.00 for the two including posting chris
  7. Sorry haven't got a price yet
  8. They should be available in U.K. I can check prices & delivery tomorrow if you would like chris
  9. Hi Chris,

    I see by old posts that you have supplied bearings to people on here. I'm going to disassemble my Scammell Explorer rear axle Diff drive worm as the housing is measuring 100° C. I suspect a bearing failure so are you still able to supply bearing if I find there is a problem with mine ?


    1. Chrisg


      Hi Dave

      yes I should be able to help


    2. Longen


      Hi Chris,

      Looks like the 2 rear bearings are suspect. Can you get a price and delivery, either I collect from you or post to PO80RX.

      first bearing is:-



      LKJI. (last figure maybe a 1)

      Second bearing:-



      41 94HW.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      07813 214040. 


    3. Chrisg


      I'll check tomorrow 

  10. Back after 7 days. Thoroughly enjoyed it met up with old friends & made new ones
  11. Have a look the green barn photos on Facebook. Where we replaced the roof & part of the side panels
  12. Chrisg

    New Format

    I also wasn't too happy on day one but I find it's getting easier to navigate around the forum day by day
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