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  1. I am glad to report that the tractor has been sold and fortunately it will not go outside Spain. Your final destination when your restoration is finished will be a museum about the Spanish civil war.
  2. Thank you! Now we just need to find a home for this old man...
  3. As I imagined, I start at the first lap ..!
  4. And of course this "ridiculous" price is negotiable ...
  5. Well I do not know in England but here a complete artillery tractor except the radiator, civil war era with revolving engine and with original registration that can be reactivated is not something that appears every day . The last Pavesi TL31 sold here was sold for much more than double. Now decide if "ridiculous" is expensive or cheap...
  6. At first glance it may seem in very bad condition but it is not so, it is perfectly restorable. I know what I have been saying for years, restore a very incomplete and in worse condition. It is quite complete except the radiator that has disappeared, has two carburetors and adapted a distributor in replacement of the magnet. This operation was quite common in the 50s to keep them going after being auctioned by the Spanish army. This, like everyone else, came during the Spanish Civil War with the Italian army, which had already used them in the Abyssian War. The motor turns perfectly with the hand, which indicates that the motor is in good condition. It is located in Madrid and has the ridiculous price of € 12,000 (10650 pounds)
  7. I do not remember saying that the drum was from the First World War ... This in particular has stamped the number 1920 that I suppose is the year. As far as I know the manufacturer's mark disappeared from the filling mouth in the 30s. This concrete drum comes from a warehouse of the Spanish army, which by the way uses the renault cars in the war of Morocco in the 20s. All the material of the Spanish army until the 1953 agreements with the United States, came from the civil war or before it. That if I had a blender ink of the 50s does not mean that the bladder was manufactured in the 50s ...
  8. I sell ORIGINAL fuel can very rare for Renault FT-17 tank. Diameter of 37 cm by 57 cm high. Manufactured in Paris. The painting may not be original, I do not know but I do not discard it for sure either.
  9. .Thank you very much, I had not seen it. I'll keep it in mind!
  10. It is possible that the painting is not original but I do not know and I do not rule out that it is. The price is € 750
  11. Vendo lata de combustible ORIGINAL muy rara para Renault FT-17 TANK. Diámetro de 37 cm por 57 cm de alto. fabricado en paris.
  12. Thank you but it is not necessary anymore, I was able to buy a new motor from another distributor in the Czech republic. The original engine has no arrangement, at least here in Spain there are no refills for this model. In any case thank you very much, we are already launching again the only 0T-810 that there is in Spain!
  13. The reality is that after two weeks of waiting and several emails there is no response. If they asked me for a photo of the boot since according to them there were two models, but after that there are no more answers. They do not seem to really want to sell anything ... Anyway, thanks again!
  14. Thank you very much for your help, it is a good contact!
  15. I'm looking for a starter motor for a Czech half-track OT-810. Does anyone have any idea where to get one? thank you!
  16. I have certain problems with the engine of an AMX13 TANK. the engine gives explosions in the carburetor and especially in the exhaust and when accelerating. Can anyone give me some information about the adjustment of the Zenith 50 HNXA carburetor, adjustment of the ABG magnets and in general on the Sofam engine? I also look for the extension cords mounted on the spark plugs. thanks in advance for any help
  17. Original Sidecar for BMW R12 motorcycle, to restoreEX-Legion Condor. Madridinfo@signalcorps.es
  18. For sale restoration proyect PANHARD AML60 Sahara Spanish army. Located in Madrid Interesteds request photos info@signalcorps.es
  19. Original Sidecar for BMW R12 motorcycle, to restore EX-Legion Condor. Madrid info@signalcorps.es
  20. For sale restoration proyect PANHARD AML60 Sahara Spanish army. Located in Madrid Interesteds request photos info@signalcorps.es
  21. Hello: have two questions about the Ferret. 1 - the temperature marker always indicates maximum temperature even with the engine stopped cold. Where is located the temperature transmitter? not find it. 2 - I have to change the 2 gaiters transmission located near the wheels. I have to remove exactly to put them? Thank you for your help. Vicente.
  22. Well, thank you all. I think I have enough old information. there is as good as asking when you do not know! Vicente.
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