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  1. Thank you very much for your help, it is a good contact!
  2. I'm looking for a starter motor for a Czech half-track OT-810. Does anyone have any idea where to get one? thank you!
  3. I have certain problems with the engine of an AMX13 TANK. the engine gives explosions in the carburetor and especially in the exhaust and when accelerating. Can anyone give me some information about the adjustment of the Zenith 50 HNXA carburetor, adjustment of the ABG magnets and in general on the Sofam engine? I also look for the extension cords mounted on the spark plugs. thanks in advance for any help
  4. Original Sidecar for BMW R12 motorcycle, to restoreEX-Legion Condor. Madridinfo@signalcorps.es
  5. For sale restoration proyect PANHARD AML60 Sahara Spanish army. Located in Madrid Interesteds request photos info@signalcorps.es
  6. Original Sidecar for BMW R12 motorcycle, to restore EX-Legion Condor. Madrid info@signalcorps.es
  7. For sale restoration proyect PANHARD AML60 Sahara Spanish army. Located in Madrid Interesteds request photos info@signalcorps.es
  8. Hello: have two questions about the Ferret. 1 - the temperature marker always indicates maximum temperature even with the engine stopped cold. Where is located the temperature transmitter? not find it. 2 - I have to change the 2 gaiters transmission located near the wheels. I have to remove exactly to put them? Thank you for your help. Vicente.
  9. Well, thank you all. I think I have enough old information. there is as good as asking when you do not know! Vicente.
  10. Thank you very much to all the information is very interesting but unfortunately they are "hand" grenades. my grenades are not hand , are for use in triple launchers vehicles. thanks
  11. I have a British smoke bombs that has been deleted marking and I would like to know which is correct to paint again. The boats are like the one pictured I think they are used in smoke launchers ferret, and other British vehicles. thanks.
  12. I need help, I know the signs of smoke bombs carrying the ferret on the front fenders. I need a replica label, and not to put thanks! Vicente Madrid
  13. Thank you all for your help, I have ISO VG 32, which is what I have found so far and has improved a lot, you have to dig to buy ISO VG 10 and it is not easy. Other questions that oil takes the gearbox? The fact that the 5 bands inside the gearbox can be worn Does it affect the speed?
  14. The oil used is ISO VG 46 and has no leaks, no oil leakage What is the correct oil?
  15. After changing the oil seal of fluid flywheel the Ferret has no strength to roll on flat road is no more than 20mph. It gives the feeling as if the clutch slip! Definitely not strong. Any ideas? thanks for your help Vicente. Madrid
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