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  1. Tiger Day IX

    Tiger Day IX, 28 April. Join The Tank Museum to mark the 75th anniversary of Tiger 131's capture. In 2018 Tiger 131 will only make two appearances in our arena. As the only running Tiger I tank in the world you really can't afford to miss it! Regular and Premium tickets are still available http://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/events/bovevt64010
  2. Tiger Day IX

    Join The Tank Museum to mark the 75th anniversary of Tiger 131's capture on the 28th of April. In 2018 Tiger 131 will only make two appearances in our arena. As the only running Tiger I tank in the world you really can't afford to miss it! Regular and Premium tickets still available http://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/events/bovevt64010
  3. Matilda II Restoration.

    Check out Matilda Diaries - a series of videos chronicling the ongoing restoration of our Matilda II. Throughout the course of this series we aim to cover some of the questions and challenges involved with the project overall as well as the nitty gritty of dismantling and reassembling a 70 year old vehicle.
  4. Check out Matilda Diaries - a series of videos chronicling the ongoing restoration of our Matilda II. Throughout the course of this series we aim to cover some of the questions and challenges involved with the project overall as well as the nitty gritty of dismantling and reassembling a 70 year old vehicle.
  5. TANKFEST is the biggest andbest display of armour in the world. Tickets for TANKFEST 2017, 24-25 June, are sellingfast.Book here now! Two rare Second World War German tanks, a unique French First World War tank and a running Churchill tank have all been confirmed as guests for TANKFEST 2017. As well as these elite guest vehicles, TANKFEST will feature an unrivalled display of historic vehicles, entertainment and a display from the British Army. Saint Chamond This Saint-Chamond is the last one of its kind in existence. It has recently been restored to running order by the Musee des Blindes, Saumur, in preparation for the centenary of the first use of French armour on the battlefield in 1917. 2017 is the first time it will run at TANKFEST. Four Hundred St-Chamond tanks were built during the First World War, with the first ones produced in 1917. It was not very effective on the battlefield because of its poor manoeuvrability and by 1918 it had been completely replaced by Renault FT17 tanks and British heavy tanks driven by French Army crews. Churchill Mk IV or Mk III The Churchill Trust, a charity which encourages the study of science and technology, will be bringing one of its Churchill tanks to TANKFEST 2017 - the Mk IV and Mk III are the only running ones of their kind in the world. The Churchill tank was one of the most successful British tank designs of the Second World War. The tank was named after the wartime Prime Minister and proved to be just as tough. They saw service from the 1942 Dieppe raid, through to North Africa, Italy and Europe. It will be the first time this Churchill has run at TANKFEST for four years. Jagdpanther There are only three running Jagdpanthers in the world and TANKFEST 2017 is your chance to see one on the move. The Jagdpanther was a German tank destroyer built during the Second World War, based on the chassis of the Panther tank. Around 400 were built in total and went into action late in the war, serving on the Eastern and Western Fronts. It was a formidable weapon, fortunately for the Allies production of these vehicles was limited by shortages of raw materials and disruption caused by Allied bombings. The Jagdpanther, which has been generously lent to the Museum by the Weald Foundation and Mike Gibb, last appeared at TANKFEST in 2010. The Weald Foundation & The Tank Museum – partners in armouredheritage The Jagdpanther is being broughtin as an arena substitute for Tiger 131, which will not be appearing in thearena displays at TANKFEST this year. Tiger 131 will instead remain ondisplay in the new Tiger Collection exhibition (Opens April 2017) so that visitorscan enjoy this new exhibition in full. Tiger fans can still see Tiger131 in action during the two Tiger Days taking place in April and September 2017. Sturmgeschutz This newly restored Sturmgeschutz is making its TANKFEST debut at TANKFEST 2017, there are only a handful still running in the world. The Sturmgeschutz, or assault gun, was a very popular weapon in German service during the Second World War. Many different versions were made but the most common type was based upon the chassis of the Panzer III. Conceived in 1935 the Sturmgeschutz (Assault Gun) was intended to provide mobile, armoured, close support artillery for the German infantry rather than the Panzer Troops. The Sturmgeschutz which will be running at TANKFEST has been lent to The Tank Museum, and beautifully restored, by Steve Lamonby. Other exciting guest vehicles will be confirmed in due course... Buy your TANKFEST tickets now!
  6. Tiger Day VII

    In 2017 Tiger 131 will only make two appearances in our arena, the first of which will occur on Tiger Day VII on the 29th of April. As the only running Tiger 1 tank in the world you really can't afford to miss it! Arena displays focus on Tiger 131 and its contemporaries, including the Matilda I, Valentine, Sherman Fury and Panzer III, as well as some of the vehicle it inspired – the Leopard and the Centurion. With special Tiger-themed talks and tours taking place throughout the day, you can find out how the Tiger was captured, examine unique items and documents from the Archive, and discover more about Tiger 131’s formidable successor – the King Tiger. Tiger Day is the perfect opportunity to visit The Tank Museum’s new exhibition, ‘The Tiger Collection – the Tanks, the Terror and the Truth’. Opening on the 6th of April, it will bring together the Tiger tank family for the first time. Tickets are selling fast, so book online now for cheaper rates http://www.tankmuseum.org/whats-on/events/bovevt53168
  7. From The Tank Museum Workshops: In February, we had volunteers from the Dutch army assisting us and providing training in the maintenance and repair of our Leopard 1 fleet of tanks, in time for TANKFEST. With their help we have stripped and inspected the running gear, adjusted the valve tappets on the engine and repaired some of the common faults these vehicles suffer from. During their stay we held some in depth driver training and systems management training to better understand the vehicles and the maintenance schedule required to run these tanks for years to come.
  8. Remembrance Sunday

    Sunday 13th November 2016 This service will be attended by serving soldiers, veterans and their families, but visitors are also very welcome to join in the service. This well attended service will take place in the Cold War Hall. After this, a wreath laying ceremony will take place at the Royal Armoured Corps Memorial, outside the Museum. All visitors will be asked to respect the 2 minutes silence that occurs at 11.00.
  9. Tank Mod

    Saturday 8th October 2016 10am - 5pm Normal admission fees apply. The Tank Museum is pleased to announce the return of Tank Mod for 2016! The Tank Museum will be inviting exhibitors from across the country to take part in its model exhibition for the third time. Activities View a large selection of modelling exhibitors from across the modelling spectrum - boats, planes, motor racing cars and of course military models. If you are inspired by the model collections, The Tank Museum's own volunteer modellers will also be in attendance and will be available to give advice in creating your own scale model. Get inspired and discover the hints and tricks behind making your own miniature. Museum tours and talks will be taking place throughout the day. Traders and Exhibitors For trader application forms please click here and for exhibitor application forms please click here Alternatively, contact Oliver Bitten on 01929 405096 ext 212 or email events@tankmuseum.org Model groups attending who have completed an application form, will be eligible for six complimentary passes. Additional passes will be charged at group rate (please contact the events team in advance). Annual Passes ARE valid for this event. Please note: Model club members pay group rate on production of a valid club membership card or IPMS card.
  10. Tank 100

    Saturday 17th September On 15th September 1916, at Flers on the Somme, tanks were used in battle for the first time. Shortly afterwards, on 27th October, Bovington became the Tank headquarters. The Tank 100 event will be commemorating the centenary of the tank, the sacrifice of Britain's tank soldiers and Bovington's role in armoured warfare. Please note: Tank 100 is a Special Event Day so pre-existing Annual Passes will NOT be valid. Special event prices apply, tickets are available now! Click here to buy. On the day there will be a commemoration led by the Royal Tank Regiment involving The Tank Museum's Mark IV, there will be a British Army display and also a Tank Museum historic display of British vehicles. At the event there will be a WW1 Battle inclusive of smoke, pyrotechnics, infantry and also an aircraft display from the Great War Display Team.
  11. Wheels of Steel

    Dorset's Finest Ride In Event! For the second time The Tank Museum is hosting the Wheels of Steel ride in event, to end off the season. This fundraising ride in provides a great social atmosphere with proceeds going to The Tank Museum and other local charities. Tigers Children Motorcycle Display Team We will also be having a childrens motorcycle display team at the Museum producing exciting displays for you to watch and enjoy! The performance will last approximately 45 minutes. Please click here to find out more about the display team. Trade Stands, Exhibitors and Classic Bikes Catering Facilities Tanks in Action Display Close to Dorset's stunning 95 mile stretch of Jurassic Coastline Live Entertainment Our last Tanks in Action Display of the summer holidays will take place in our Kuwait Arena with life like explosions, thundering engines and expert commentary. Not to be missed!
  12. Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August 2016 10am - 5pm 01929 405096 See the history of warfare in action from Medieval to Modern day with living history encampments, drills, weaponry displays, firearms evolution and period battles. We have assembled some of the very best re-enactment groups in the UK, including the Sealed Knot, the Southern Skirmish Association and the elite units for the Napoleonic Association. Site opens at 9am each day. Enjoy a packed programme of activities from 10am as we take you on a tour of history with drill displays, battle re-enactment and spectacular sieges. Each group will be camped around the battlefield, you will be free to wander around find out what life was like for soldiers and civilians alike from 1415 to 1945. During each day there will be a grand parade of all of our re-enactment groups bringing everyone together for a fantastic photographic opportunity during a short drum-head memorial to remember our fallen soldiers and civilians throughout conflicts past and present. The final arena display will be a 30 minute display from The Tank Museum*. *The appearance of all our historic machines in the display is subject to mechanical availability on the day. Annual Passes ARE valid for this event.
  13. Attack of the Daleks

    The Tank Museum Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July 2016 A Special Visit by Doctor Who's Arch Enemies! The Dalek's , Doctor Who's arch nemesis', will be invading The Tank Museum on the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July 2016! Annual Passes ARE valid for this event!
  14. Summer Holidays

    Find out what's going this Summer at The Tank Museum! 21st July - 4th September 2016 The Tank Museum This Summer explore The Tank Museum and experience the biggest day out in history…NEW Exhibition - TANK MEN: The Story of the First Crews Explore The Tank Museum’s newest exhibition and discover the lives of eight First World War soldiers who were among the pioneers of tank warfare. You will be moved by powerful stories as we mark the Centenary of the tank.Tanks in Action Displays – Every Weekday See Tanks roll into action at 1pm every weekday, starting on Thursday 21 July. Realistic explosions, life like explosions and expert commentary. Learn how tanks have evolved and how they are used in battle in this action–packed demonstration of Tanks in Action.Vehicle Rides – Every Day Experience for yourself the thrill of riding in an M548 tracked vehicle. This working example of military hardware seats 16 at a time – so the whole family can jump on together. Available every day during the holidays, a £3.50pp charge applies.Family Activities Take part in a range of family activities. Tonnes of Fun for Families! Kids can let off steam in our outdoor play area and in our new inside soft play area, adjacent to our Café. Plus free family trails to keep them absorbed with teasers and puzzles!
  15. Wargamers Weekend

    Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 2016 10am - 5pm Exhibitors display war games on the Museum floor. Please note access to some exhibits may be obstructed. The annual War Gamers event returns to The Tank Museum, as hobbyists take over the Museum for the weekend. War gaming clubs from across the country will be exhibiting different strategy games for visitors to view and join in. Specialist traders will also be dispersed around the Museum allowing gamers to add to their collections... and for novices to start their own! This is a must see event for anyone; especially those with an interest in war gaming and the associated hobbies of diorama building, modelling and play table making. Call 01929 462359 for more information. Please note: Access to some exhibits may be obstructed during the course of this weekend event. Annual Passes ARE valid for this event.