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  1. As far as i am aware it won't be with us this year but i'm sure this will be confirmed in due course. Shame as it was great to see it and be a few inches from the bikes.
  2. Hi Steve Does your new trucks reg end HAM? I think its the one a mate of mine was going to look at but you got in first. Where abouts are you based, is it Devon way? I've had countless conversations with 2 particular guys at various shows saying they were after one & have been for a while. I have a feeling we have already met, so would be good to know who snapped this one up. It looked a good truck and not a bad price. Jamie
  3. I have been advised that the live entertainment will now be on Sunday night but there will still be music in the beer tent along with plenty of beer, etc. The band will start at 9pm on Sunday night, do not miss it!
  4. Hey All This year is the 4th Tanks, Trucks & Firepower show & promises to be bigger & better than ever. There is already a lot of vehicles booked in but we need re-enactors aswell. There will be dedicated areas for reenactors to set up in including trenches dug out and a woodland war walk section where you can setup a display in the woods. We are hoping to have the Challenger 1 tank running but it will be available for viewing during the show. If you are a reenactor and interested in going contact me at jamilla@btopenworld.com and I will be able to help, alternatively you can just book in using the website below. We are open to any requests anyone might have & will do everything we can to accomodate. There will be a live band on saturday night in the beer tent along with music the other nights, a well stocked bar and various events going on through the day including events in the arena. There is bags of space here so the more the merrier and if anyone wants to do any form of display in the arena please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate. The shows is in Dunchurch, Rugby on 24th, 25th & 26th August (Bank Holiday). Website is http://www.tankstrucksandfirepower.com Check it out for details and booking in forms, etc Also don't forget there are spaces for stall holders at reasonable prices. Thanks Jamie Rose Birmingham & West Midlands Area MVT
  5. There must be more than the two of us out there!
  6. Good news, what's the part called on the site?
  7. Hey Iain Good to find another owner out there, they seem pretty thin on the ground. Have you tried http://www.us-army-military-shop.de/ for the part your looking for, exactly which bit is it? I find they have the majority of things but can be a bit hit & miss on the price. Failing that i use Rockauto in the states, shipping can be hit & miss aswell but i just bought a new set of glow plugs & a front output shaft seal for transfer case for £60 inc postage. They also have a good part finder section making it easier to find stuff. DO you travel to any military events? If so which ones? Cheers Jamie
  8. Hey jcb we've crossed paths on steel soldiers a few times. Good to see a nice looking 09 close to home. Jamie
  9. Hey all I have had a couple of cucv, the last one being an m1008 and my current an 1984 M1009. I'm trying to get a list of people in the UK who own one also so we can have some points of reference should anyone need any help with there's or ideas for places to get parts, etc. Just list your name, what you have and where you are if that's cool with everyone. Cheers Jamie
  10. Lots of positive interest so far from the re-enactment groups. Still plenty of time to get booked in & let the show know your requirements. Don't forget to contact phil at hippo1944@hotmail.com to book in or for details. Cheers
  11. This is a great show & promises to be bigger & better this year. Any re-enactors out there who want plenty of space in either open land or inside the woodland area get in touch asap to ensure you get a good spot. Any ideas you may have for your display or any requests please let phil know at hippo1944@hotmail.com. Cheers Dog
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