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    Some questions about OT 810

    Hello, you can turn off the air goes there Trailer
  2. bobrahakl

    OT810 Batteries?

    Hi, I had 2 to 12 in, 150 amp hours recharged Banner, attach photo
  3. bobrahakl

    schwimm body

    Hi, Example of the Czech Republic, 2006, welder magician - http://www.flat4.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3634&start
  4. bobrahakl

    Buying Russian

    Hi, I have no photos of the Russians, and some photos of my friends from the military action in the Czech Republic http://bobrahakl.rajce.idnes.cz/
  5. bobrahakl

    upside down tanks

    this is my friend succeeded in 1983
  6. hello from Czech Republic and thanks for your welcome on the site, due to reconstruction of my house, I was forced to sell their pets, iron, and now I'm just a fan of military vehicles, browsing through your forum and I wish you all much success in the renovation of your machines, my ex vehicles TATRA-805, 469 UAZ, URAL 375, OT 810, OT-64 sorry for the English, using Google, thanks to all