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  1. Grasshopper


    Someone got a bargain there.
  2. Grasshopper

    CVRT break downs

    Had an engine expire due to low oil pressure, but on that occasion we took the precaution of having it followed with a recovery truck due to it being a first proper road run. Then discovered the low oil warning lamp had been removed from the vehicle dash... Also had a coolant hose split, fortunately not far from a show site. Cooled down, repaired filled and bled up the system. Also had brake pad, handbrake, brake cylinder, coil and road wheel issues but on show sites. Also had an HT lead ceramic end crack.
  3. Grasshopper

    7.50 x 20 Tyres for sale

  4. Grasshopper

    CVRT Carburetor data

    Does anybody here have the float height settings for a CVRT carb? I have the J60 EMERs which are very useful, but they don't seem to contain this particular bit of information.I thought I'd better check it on the carb rebuild I'm about to undertake. Thanks in advance, Vince
  5. Grasshopper

    Cvrt and heat

    It really isn't easy to judge engine speed with all the other noise going on. Being a shorty, I can keep a good eye on the RPM gauge in the dash without too much hassle. On the odd time I was hatch ornament in our Spartan, I could see the RPMs the other driver was achieving (sensible ones) and hear the exhaust (which you can't from the drivers position) and found the exhaust note quite alarming!
  6. Grasshopper

    Saracen hill climbing

    On our M55 the electric pump we fitted aided start up, but restricted fuel flow when power was required. We switched back to the mechanical pump and the issue went away.
  7. Grasshopper

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    Whatever did become of that Ferret (aside being put up for sale at silly prices on multiple occasions)?
  8. Grasshopper

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Having watched the Honest John video, it seems a lot of work to fire 1 missile! I count 3 specialist trucks (albeit based on common mechanical components), a specialist trailer and then M151 and M35 vehicles for command/control and troop transport. Can't help thinking a medievil catapult and a dustbin full of flaming grease may have been easier...
  9. Grasshopper

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Our M55 in happier times. Interestingly I have seen a picture of one of these trucks with a matching trailer which has the same size load bed!
  10. Grasshopper

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Having driven an International Harvester M55 (with Continental 6602 Gasoline engine) on more occasions than I'd care to, they do sound like a heard of aircraft when driving through built up areas. I also noted that the exhaust is just at the right height for smoking out posers in soft top BMWs at traffic lights.... as for brakes and turning circle, the less said the better! Although specified for carrying Honest John resupply loads, our one never had the Honest John mounting frames installed. The firepower museum also had one that was fitted with the tie downs.
  11. Grasshopper

    Jaguar J60 carb diagram

    Resurrecting an old thread again, does anybody have details on setting the float height on a CVRT carb? I'm contemplating building up a good one using a rebuild kit and it would be good to be able to check that the float heights are correct. Doing this on my MUTT made a big difference to how it runs! And yes I still seem to be taking Spartans to bits as suggested further up the thread...getting there slowly!
  12. Grasshopper

    CVRT Spares for sale

    Terry, annoyingly that's the same side as the one I already have. Thanks for taking the time to post a picture.
  13. Grasshopper

    CVRT Spares for sale

    Thanks Terry, I shall be checking which one I already have on Sunday. The one pictured is a drivers side one.
  14. Grasshopper

    Mushrooms in deisel

    I work on the railway and we had a massive issue with biological growth in our fuel. We now have a rig which treats all incoming fuel deliveries (automatically) with a biocide. The issue became more prevalent when the sulphur content of fuel was reduced, as this kept the bio in check. Lets not forget that oil started out as organic material.
  15. Grasshopper

    Mushrooms in deisel

    Be aware that this issue will only get worse in future as the bio-fuel content in fuel increases.