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  1. Given the re-positioned public entrance this year, it makes more sense than having it in the Americas field like last year...
  2. Recently had an older chap (over 6ft 2) sit in my M151A2 which has greater leg room than a Jeep due to the lack of chassis. Unfortunately he found he was unable to operate the clutch pedal due to his girth preventing his leg from coming up far enough!
  3. Being a parent I take a caravan as W&P now coincides with summer holidays. If it's wet or too hot my child will happily do stuff in the caravan without me being pestered all day! Sorry if it spoils the atmosphere, but it makes things more bearable than if I were spending a week in a tent with the same child...
  4. Give the MC seals in hydraulic oil oil for a good while, and get them warm too (i put them in a sealed jar of oil on a radiator) as it makes them more supple. The big seals are a heck of a job to get over, good to have a spare kit just in case one tears.
  5. The owner must be on something if they're expecting that much. There are plenty of preserved railways which have scores of unrestored carriages! Most in this state go for a token amount of money as they will sit awaiting their turn in the restoration queue.
  6. In the past, I've had to double-clip soft silicone hoses where vehicle-side pipes have been pitted. Seemed to do the trick, although probably not the aesthetic you want on this vehicle.
  7. I found on the foot air valve that there are 2x wire gauze filters which can be completely blocked up with rust. Worth checking them out.
  8. From memory we hoarded a bunch of NOS Chieftain hoses (years ago) as they had the same ends, and had a couple re-made into the length we required.
  9. Pedal to the floor is normal for full air brakes, whether the pedal operates the brakes are moving is another thing! I had the pedal on one of mine fail while shunting, something inside stuck and it ran away backwards down a small hill in a field. It is normal for there to be no feedback through the pedal itself. I understand most Matadors were full air, with a smaller number being air/hydraulic brakes.
  10. While a tyre can visibly have good treads and no cracking visible, no telling what the state of the tyre structure is.
  11. There have been a few cases in the PSV world of accidents being caused by the failure of old tyres (a quick internet search will show this), I recall (but can't find a link to at the moment) a vintage car which had 20 year old tyres on and one failed causing the death of the owner.
  12. When I was in the vintage bus restoration game, the worst words I would dread from an owner was "It hasn't done many miles since last years MOT".... First thing we'd then do was strip the wheels and drums off and un-seize all the brake shoe pivots and then go from there. The telltale for the state of the brake system on a Routmaster was if the handbrake came up a lot more than 3 clicks, then it hadn't had any maintenance.
  13. All you need to do is remove the seat back and the height bungees at the rear, remove the two nuts at the front of the sliders (in the drivers comp.) and pull the sliders off the studs, then operate the seat height adjuster which withdraws the locking bolts from the height adjuster bar. Then its a wiggle and a waggle to get it out.
  14. Could also be stuck thermostat or a blocked radiator.
  15. I sold my M1009 to a forum member at the northern tip of the Uk as it was being problematic to park in my road (due to width and living in a Cul-de-sac). Not long after that I moved to a house with a driveway, so wish I could have kept it! Would love an M1009 or Dodge equivalent at some point. Would be tempted to drop a Cummins B Series in one too.
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