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  1. I bought a 1962 Hotchkiss in Feb 07 and have done about 1,000km. Its great fun, to the point that I have now sold my Caterham 7 because I wasn't using it. I got home from work on Friday, left my company in the drive and used the Jeep all weekend, Sainburys,the gym,the tip and the pub. I took it everywhere and really enjoyed it. Great fun to drive and own.
  2. I found a garage just outside Bury St Edmunds which sells leaded fuel, but at £1.45ltr its a bit steep. I might give the Jeep a treat this weekend.
  3. That will be no! then!!!!!!
  4. What is the best fuel and lead additive to use on a 1962 Hotchkiss? Should I use any octane boosters?
  5. Thanks Rambo, I will give them a call. p.s I never thought Rambo would be getting me out trouble!!!
  6. Hi there, Does anyone know where I can get paint to match my Jeep in the East Anglia area? Ive been told its drab olive but I am new to military vehicles and realise this could be one of many shades!!! :dunno:
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