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  1. Degsy

    Humber front hatch fluid

    If you have difficulty obtaining ISO10 try m/cycle dealers, that's where I used to get it.
  2. Degsy

    Kay canvass tent quality,

    I have a Pathfinder US small wall officers tent I will sell. It's all complete in correct bag with bag of pegs etc and a groundsheet but is heavy and would need to be collected.
  3. Degsy

    How to find a members list?

    Hi Olaf, yes, we used to have a member list and it was on recently as I looked at it but it has disappeared now. I think you need to have a word with Joris. ps I wonder if it has anything to do with the new privacy laws which came into force recently.
  4. Degsy

    Jerry Can tops

    Yes but it screwed in unlike the Brit type which as you know clamps on.
  5. Degsy

    Jerry Can tops

    Screw top on right is an American fuel can, clamp top is Brit type fuel can.
  6. Degsy

    Hotchkiss 24 volt not charging

    As the Hotchkiss was specifically designed for radio suppressors were fitted in all the circuits. If any in the charging circuit go faulty this can cause the fault you describe. The easiest solution is to cut the appropriate wires.
  7. This years National Armed forces Day is scheduled for 30th June almost in my backyard in Llandudno and had been asked by the local Blind Veterans UK ( St Dunstans ) home which I support to take my jeep to transport vets and also for it to be on their fundraising pitch. However the MOD in their wisdom will not allow this to happen for security reasons. Go figure!
  8. Degsy

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    Hi Tim, are you planning on starting the restoration of the Peerless in the near future?
  9. Degsy

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Back in the day it was used almost universally on trucks and buses. I must have trodden on the stuff literally millions of times but never gave a thought to what it was called.
  10. That's it then, mystery solved.
  11. Looks like a Dorset Horn to me and if it is a farmyard whats a telephone box doing there?
  12. Here you go www.facebook.com/events/1274429109370234 or just enter Vale Vintage Machinery Club into your browser
  13. All are cordially invited to attend this show at a new venue just 1 mile off the A55 at Caerwys North Wales. This show used to be Held at Bodelwyddan Castle with a large military attendance but had sadly declined of recent times. The show is now being revived by a new committee at the farm where the North Wales Military Vehicle show used to be held, more details on the clubs facebook page or phone the chairman (Maredudd Davies) 07921719084
  14. Degsy

    Greengodess Fire engine

    Welcome to the forum, if you join the Military Vehicle Trust they will be able to assist you.
  15. Degsy

    Another ID - Albion BY3?

    My reference books confirm it to be a BY3