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  1. The steering linkage is a work of art 😁
  2. Last pic it’s between a Explorer and a Crusader πŸ‘
  3. A few more update pictures. I took the Martian to the Malpas Yesteryear Rally last weekend, quite a lot of interest. Still lots to do ! Cheers Chris πŸ‘
  4. Looks good @Samro nice to see an intact Triad 32 😜
  5. Well today I took my Martian out for a couple of trips round the block to see how things go. Will do 25 mph but sits nicely at 20 which to be honest is fast enough for what it is. Steering is light and brakes are surprisingly good. Getting there now. A good day 😁 A9D4BC8E-0DC3-43C1-8DA2-C7F3BEFEFDE7.MP4
  6. Thanks John that’s great. The reason I ask is I’m on with mounting one of these in my Leyland Martian dash panel to replace the original tachometer. It fits correctly with minimal modification to a spare panel I already had, so saving the good one. Just need to find a generator of some sort that I can mount on the Cummins engine. Thanks again
  7. Hello would anyone know what vehicle this rev counter was fitted too and what type of sender/generator I need to make it work ? Chris
  8. Looking better with the tyres on now, busy with the brake hose replacement. More pics to follow
  9. Cheers Mike, I’m still looking for 2 to finish the set off, the tyre was mounted temporarily to make sure we had clearance at the front. Cheers
  10. Got the power steering working too πŸ‘ 7D4A3CED-19D5-49F5-9F1D-42CED29839AE.MP4
  11. Few more pics as an update, shout out if too many πŸ‘
  12. Hello Degsy have pm-ed you cheers
  13. Hi Ian there seems to be many different offsets now that I have been looking for some ! I do know wheels from a MK3 Militant go on but the offset is too great and they stick out way too far. Cheers Chris
  14. Still looking for a few AEC based Coles crane wheels as shown in pictures. Tyres don’t matter
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