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  1. Apologies for lack of updates on here, a few pics should help. All brakes been off cleaned and back on, radiator been re cored and tank fittings altered to suit. Progress 👍


    Never realised the M120 had more oval exhaust ports John, is there a huge difference in power out put between the above and a standard 4B meteor ? Cheers
  3. Thanks Toby, wonder where it is now ? cheers Chris
  4. Would anyone have any 10x20 wheel rims as in the pictures (yellow rim) that have a greater offset than on my Leyland Martian ? I think they are / were fitted to a Coles MK5 Crane rear bogie. Looking for six thanks Chris 07970 265934

    Any trolley jack experts ?

    Cheers for the replies, not forgotten about just “prioritising” cheers Chris
  6. Evening all, would anyone know if these rims (yellow one in pic) were fitted to anything else ? I’m looking for six as they have a slightly greater offset than my Martian wheels. cheers Chris
  7. Not sure where it is John, I was sent the picture cheers Chris
  8. Hello all, can anyone give me details on this model of Scammell ? In particular the crane and winch equipment, are there many out there ? cherrs Chris
  9. I'd like to find some history/pics on mine Ill get a copy of the B card up Cheers
  10. Hello all, would I have it correct that GL4 oils are yellow metal safe where as GL5 oils are less so or is this an over simplification ? Just thought I would ask before I go ordering any. Its for various bits on the Martian, namely front axle bevel boxes/differential/gearbox etc cheers Chris
  11. First day out under its own power, crane and winch need a good test out ! Happy so far 😀
  12. Sorry Paul, no engine I'm affraid - it was removed prior to my ownership Chris.
  13. Well the Martian is up and running at last, engine plumbed in temporarily and it’s moving under its own power. Still lots to do but it’s all progress 👍 14289D3D-F03B-4405-AB56-A4B1B60B77A2.MOV
  14. A few more progress pictures, engine in and sat on it's mountings now. Cheers.
  15. More pics, floor and battery box/seat box out. Cheers