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  1. A few more progress pictures, engine in and sat on it's mountings now. Cheers.
  2. More pics, floor and battery box/seat box out. Cheers
  3. Bit of an update, undercover now ready for lifting in the Cummins engine. More photos to follow, cheers
  4. Any trolley jack experts ?

    A few more pictures from today, everything's freeing off nicely. cheers
  5. Any trolley jack experts ?

    Hi John the wheels in the pictures are off it, they have 5-19 tyres on. Just got the bearings out of the hubs now. Hi ruxy you are right about the safety bar and it does have one mounted on the side in brackets. I'll get some more pictures on Sunday, cheers
  6. Any trolley jack experts ?

    Hello all, would anyone know what make and age this trolley jack is ? Bought it to help with my Martian. The tag has no writing left on it only 8 tons. It is 9 feet long and 3 feet wide and is extremely heavy. Cheers Chris
  7. MV owners in Bute and Bude

    Just looked online and NN16 8NN is Kettering. Have also applied to DVLA for previous owner info/history so hope that may turn something up Chris.
  8. MV owners in Bute and Bude

    Cheers for the info, forgot to add the number plates have a postcode of NN16 8NN which I presume is where they were made so maybe an area where it has once resided, Cheers Chris.
  9. MV owners in Bute and Bude

    Hello all, in between working on my Martian I am trying to trace its previous owners/history. I have looked up the reg number online (RSJ734) and it has come back as being first registered near Bute in June 1998. Now a friend has also been looking and his enquiry came back as being registered in June 1998 in Bude so maybe there is a clerical error. Does anyone recognise the registration or know of any other MV owners in either of these locations that may be able to help ? Bit of a long shot but you never know, cheers Chris.
  10. Hello all, does anyone know of a 10 x 20 rim that has an offset greater than a Martian but less than a MK3 Militant ? Cheers Chris.
  11. Thanks I'll get onto them today, cheers Chris.
  12. As above looking for Martian p/s filter and quick release (Avery ?) coupling from p/s tank cheers Chris