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  1. Looking better with the tyres on now, busy with the brake hose replacement. More pics to follow
  2. Cheers Mike, I’m still looking for 2 to finish the set off, the tyre was mounted temporarily to make sure we had clearance at the front. Cheers
  3. Got the power steering working too 👍 7D4A3CED-19D5-49F5-9F1D-42CED29839AE.MP4
  4. Few more pics as an update, shout out if too many 👍
  5. Hello Degsy have pm-ed you cheers
  6. Hi Ian there seems to be many different offsets now that I have been looking for some ! I do know wheels from a MK3 Militant go on but the offset is too great and they stick out way too far. Cheers Chris
  7. Still looking for a few AEC based Coles crane wheels as shown in pictures. Tyres don’t matter
  8. Still moving in the right direction, power steering pump has had new lines fitted, wheels should be back from blasters this week and hopefully fuel tank back on this weekend. Thanks to @Samro for the time taken in saving many parts from another truck including the good tank I now have. Getting there !
  9. Hi David thanks for the pictures, I will pass them on to the current owner. As you say the tractor has changed a lot but its still here which is the main thing. Wonder where the others ended up. A hard life in the tide no doubt ! Cheers Chris.
  10. Photos of Thr Muir Hill 171 from today. It’s on the process of having different wheels / tyres and has had an updated winch fitted. Cheers Chris
  11. Here are the pictures kindly supplied by Ex-Boy, thanks for sending them over Steve, cheers Chris
  12. Yes Steve that would be great, I’ll pm my details over to you, cheers Chris
  13. Sounds like it could be one, I will get some pics this Saturday Cheers Chris
  14. Hello Dave I have a mate who owns a Muir Hill 171 Landing craft tractor, even has the grab rail around the roof, might be the same one !
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