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  1. Thank you Tony. Really interesting answer. I can't see me getting one for Pidgeon shooting or clay shooting then? I would guess you would have to be a museum or a serious collector in that case then to obtain one.
  2. So you can have one of these on a FAC certificated then? If so, love to know the reason for having it on a licence?
  3. Hi. Unless it's been deactivated I pretty sure it's illegal to own. I don't think you can even have it under an FAC. The guys on the WW2 re enacting website will know more than me. All the best. Rob.
  4. Cheers for the post on seat belts Mike. I am aware of a few Land Rover owners being stopped in Essex with children on rear bench seats. I've been told it's not allowed as they have to be correctly restrained :shocked:
  5. I think that even though you are off road at a show you'll need correct child seats with seat belts as they are classed as minor's so the driver is the responsible person. Gone are the good day's of paying a pound and driving a traction engine & the like, generally road law's are the same as if you were on the road as you are at a public event. Not trying to be a kill joy, but i'd forget it.
  6. You fail to forget that in alot of foreign countries it's illegal to own & wear ex military equipment & uniforms. It also stops ex military equipment from falling into the wrong hands- remember Bosnia?
  7. It's part of the governments drive to prevent armoured vehicles from ending up in other armies hands. Remember Bosnia?
  8. Mike. It's pretty standard on most modern cars, but for some reason not on all don't know why? It's a good idea though. All we need is the same thing for front fog lights & cars that automatically explode if you use your phone whilst driving.
  9. It turns off the rear fog lights when you go to full beam as you don't use full beam when it's foggy. A really good safety feature for all those idiots who leave their fog lights on when it's not foggy.
  10. Hi mate. A very nice Land Rover there sir. I'd definately camo it up long term & you need to get the correct gun clips as well. Pity about the side windows in the back.
  11. The 'survival knife' is still issued today. It's a general purpose issue knife. Also issued rather than the golok as your less likely to cut your own leg off whilst using it.
  12. Sorry! Didn't know it was for a toy. Local model shop I assume then. At least you'd have plenty of paint left for your next model :nut:
  13. Checked with a friend of mine who's off to Kenya. They are still being issued to 58 pattern golok's & scabbard. There is not one for the PLCE webbing system.
  14. Same as Land Rover bronze green. Your local Land Rover dealer or smaller repairer. 'The Paint man' - Bill the paint man - google it. Anchor supplies Marcus Glenn. Very easy to obtain.
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