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  1. All sorted, tracks tightening (after the pictures) steering adjusted. Just the remanufactured front canvas turret bellows to fit.. and we are complete.
  2. Just finishing off the interior, ready for show season this year. In all just over 2000 hours of labour and a fair whack of money - but worth it, as we are all (those that worked on it) very pleased with the outcome. This is especially true when we consider it was our first tank restoration... and working in its tiny confines was described by one chap as like; 'doing mechanics whilst potholing'. Next will be the VTT, but only once we have enjoyed driving/ showing this one.
  3. Turret now mounted on chassis.. Just fettling / detailing left to complete.
  4. Yes very likely. I have x3 amx13 and two amx vtt still left to restore . Of this, I only want to complete one vtt so there will be enough to make up a couple of full amx13 from the parts left easily.. If you are interested to talk further then mail me. I have a nice early hull that comes from the dominican republic I would say was the best starting point..
  5. Hi I would be interested. Feel free to email me ebarrimore@hotmail.com to talk money and logistics.. Maybe this was originally from sabiex but the diesel they put in for Mexico were detroit I think. This is deutz and only country with deutz i read was Argentina??
  6. Hi, I'd be interested in that shell - I had bought a 75mm but it turns out to be a sherman firefly round. Its only the brass shell with a slightly crumpled rim (where the projectile goes) the french shell is about the same length but thinner and tapering along the entire case.
  7. Hi Peeps, Been a while as I disappeared down a rabbit hole of french wheeled armour (Panhard AML60 an AML90). Glad to say I re-emerged, but bitten badly by the 'exoticisms' of our Gallic cousins across the channel. I purchased a few AMX's in varying conditions abroad and had them all shipped over six months ago after at least 3 years negotiation - getting armour out of France is a lengthy business... I'm glad to say after an intensive period I have nearly completed the first full resto of an AMX13 from 1958, that had been modified as a 'demonstrator' for possibly the Argentinians, mounting a Deutz air cooled, V8 turbo diesel in that small space at the front of the tank. Here's a brief photo montage of the resto of mine that is reaching an end. If people are interested I will post more pictures and detail, but please note some these photos are to be used in a book soon, so if reused please at least credit me (ta!) I have saved the petrol restos (probably another two squeezed out the 5 other wrecks I have) for another day - but I guess they wont perform like this pocket rocket.. with its 350 HP, twin turbo'd lump. In a tank of only 14 tons - that's relatively useful HP per tonne. I have driven it a couple of weeks ago, and was happy to stay in 2nd! This demonstrator tank wasn't taken up by the Argentinians (although they fitted a similar Deutz to their AMX fleet back in S America) so it went into 'outside storage' for about 20 years - open to the elements. The interior was in a much worse state than the exterior, believe me! This first posts are of delivery and disassembly, with a couple of internal and external hull restoration. The next post will be reassembly... (If you cant wait, check out the resto blog on facebook under 'French Army Reenactment Group')
  8. Yep.. I go for metal caged filters as used on early Mercedes.. Paper can buckle and break.. 18 from jeepparts. I get the equivalent ordered through euro parts for tenner. Don't ask me part number just now as filters are out my unit. 30 mins away...
  9. I have all these parts.. New. Mail me ebarrimore@hotmail.com
  10. Hi I'd go for cheap 15w40 mineral but change every 6 months. That's if you have the v8. The diesel probably semi synthetic.. Yep put a dodge/ jeep filter on the block s you can change filters. Where you based??
  11. Hi Baz here.. Email me on ebarrimore@hotmail.com if you want.
  12. I have one. ebarrimore@hotmail.com
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