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  1. Training Command HQ established at RAF Brampton in June 1968, by merging Flying Training Command and Technical Training Command. HQ Maintenance Command was at RAF Andover from 1960 until it was retitled as Support Command in 1974. HQ was relocated to RAF Brampton at some point, prior to Training Command and Support Command merging to form RAF Support Command in 1977. Air Support Command HQ was at RAF Upavon until it was absorbed into Strike Command in 1972.
  2. I'm pretty sure this ISN'T a gooseneck flare, but a simple filling can of some description. Assuming the stamping is an AM stores reference, Section 21 is for Barrack Equipment Subsection 21G/x covers "Hospital Equipment, excluding medical & surgical supplies" which doesn't sound right at all, more likely is 21C/x "Metalware". Goosenecks with marked stores references are usually in Section 4 (Aerodrome Equipment), for example 4C/1273 is the reference for the regular round pattern type with the round lid.
  3. Two Diamond Ts on a low loader heading westbound on the A14 between Huntingdon and Kettering.
  4. From the partially-visible serial that's X201032 "Connecticut", civil registration ELP 248.
  5. Having rechecked my sources, I'm even more certain of my previous identification.
  6. Blackburn originally. Presumably Bristol Siddley inherited the license when they acquired Blackburn in 1961ish.
  7. From the ATC 1409 I'd suggest this vehicle was assigned to a detachment of the 1409th AAF Base Unit, Air Transport Command. One of these detachments was based at Metfield operating B-24s 1944-45.
  8. I don't know if they still have them in stock, but I've bought extra upright and ridge poles from Anchor at Ripley in the recent past.
  9. Ex-British lend-lease stock reissued to the US Army?
  10. Aforementioned Studebaker (and Hyster crane) photo:
  11. Photos of the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment's guns in Italy, taken late 1943, show the brackets for the sight box on top of the rear trail mod, the transport axle clamps and eyelets on the inside of the hubs. Images of the King's visit to the regiment after their return to England prior to Market Garden also show the elevation stay fitted, but as you say few of the Oosterbeek photos show many of the modifications fitted, other than the aiming post brackets on the right rear trail etc. Possibly these show replacement guns that hadn't been fully modified prior to the operation. The QR bracket for the cut-down 18 Pdr. handspike on the left-hand rear of the trail does appear to be a post-WWII modification.
  12. Standard Vanguard PII Estate, as used by the RAF for various duties in the 50s-60s. Apparently only three survive worldwide, whether any of those are also ex-service I have no idea.
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