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  1. No I didn't make it :-(- will probably be at Stoneleigh in the new year though...
  2. Not checked in for a while Jeremy, wow you are making rapid progress (as ever!). Really is looking fantastic. Cheers, Paul
  3. Sorry to hear that Ted but I know you have been thinking about selling the gypsy for a while now. Hope the vehicle goes to a good home. Maybe you should post some pics of some of your wonderful models - it's an impressive collection! Anyway, hope you will be sticking around on the forum and continuing to share all that valuable RAF vehicle knowledege! Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi Paul, Just a quick thank you for a great Evesham show - it just gets better and better. Couple of pics of Ian and I doing the serious duty of doing fire cover with the TACR-1 :-) and the rare gathering of three Volvo TGB 1111s! Cheers, Paul
  5. MVT should be able to provide a dating certificate for you (they will need to come and see it). You just need to contact the verification office to arrange for someone to come out (you will need to join if you are not already a member but well worth doing). The DVLA will usually accept this as their inspection by proxy - so no having to get it to a DVLA office. I've had two inspections like this (and inspected another members vehicle also as an MVT representative) its actually been a pretty smooth process.
  6. The Royal Navy version of the early Thornycroft Nubian crash tender had the same rear facing monitor set up (I think). The RAF had the same chassis with a similar cab but different fire fighting equipment and was known as the Mk5. One of these RN versions survives at the Museum of RAF Firefighting at RAF Scampton if you wanted to see the set up in the flesh. The Canadian airforce also used the type - picture below... The one at Scampton has appeared elswhere on the forum, pic here when it was at Manston: The Ford flathead V8 was used (mounted just behind the cab) as a pumping engine. Hope of help!
  7. I think the rolling date is just a rumour at the moment but fingers crossed...
  8. Congratulations Jeremy! Ready for Wartime in the Vale is it? I'm sure it will be up to your normal standard and be a real stunner...
  9. No sadly not - the unit of measurement is different. 14.6 psi is just about the same as 30 in Hg. You could measure a vacuum in psi if you wished though.
  10. Hi Paul, I'll be there with the TACR-1 again and possibly my ACRT if I get the restoration done in time! Really looking forward to it as its developed in a to cracking show over the years. Lets keep everything crossed for some decent weather! Cheers, Paul
  11. My observation would be its a buyers market at the moment. I'm not sure many people have the spare cash for a 'toy' at the moment (or are reluctant to tie up what money they have due to a feeling of insecurity), combined with fuel costs depressing the market particularly for 'thirsty' vehicles. With anything a bit unusual (and for most car drivers that would include a lightweight) I think the key is being patient if you can. I have a freind who sells used cars as part of his garage business and he plans on the basis of carrying stock for as long as 3 months - and thats for something like an everyday VV Golf - so something that isn't main stream can take even longer if you are holding out for the best price. The other option is to accept a Landie is not so much a car that one buys and sells like other vehicles but more like a pet - flawed possibly but they find a way into your heart! It obviously doesn't want to go...:cool2:
  12. Just found this thread... some really wonderful work Nige, well done. I'm glad my old master for the TM has been of some use too. I'm amazed its still around! Cheers, Paul
  13. Hi Howard, Most RAF Mats were flat beds I think and the one in the pics has a conventional hood frame I suspect - its certainly a rather different body to an artillery version, so it might of worked - but 10ft over the cab is still too tall so such a vehicle is probably a non-starter anyway :embarrassed:. Thanks for checking though! Green Goddesses are nice but not on the RAF theme (though there was the 'mk8' which was RL based) Cheers
  14. Ahh, I miss the Pioneer to be honest. I've tried to be all grown up in recent years (sort of) and stick to smaller more manageable MVs but the big stuff always has a certain appeal... We'll see. No, no more pouring petrol into carbs and setting friends on fire. I don't have enough to be loosing them that way! What a day that was...
  15. Howard! How you doin'? Yes the entrance to the barn is low(ish) but without the canvas and frame a Mat might just go.... You will probably know actually - whats the hight over the cab of a Matador? The barn entrance is 9'6"... With your expertise maybe I could roll a Mat on its side to get it in? :cheesy: Cheers, Paul
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