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  1. Datadawg well mine was kinda on topic, what I was getting at was my ferret had 8 year old petrol and still started!
  2. Interestingly (or maybe not ) when I picked up my ferret earlier this year it had not been started or moved in several years, it had quarter tank of petrol. I added five litres of new petrol and it started and ran fine after a bit of smoking...which amazed me.
  3. Hi chris thanks for that, I could not work it out from the descriptions of each mark, but that makes sense. Yes it's a fixed system so good to know the exact mark. cheers mick
  4. got there in the end....not a great photo though Mick
  5. Cannot get photo up here, I don't have acces to a pc at the moment so cannot drag nd drop photo into message mick
  6. Hi Chris, I can take a photo tomorrow, but they are the regular hatches, not the flat plate type if that's what you are after? mick
  7. Just out of interest, and maybe not so easy to answer....... my ferret has the regular appliqué armour at the front of turret and hull, but also has reinforcing gussets at the wheel stations and also extra metal welded on the belly. i am guessing this is a retrofit as the bins appear to have been bashed on the inside to enable the gussets to fit. There is also one bolt missing on each wheel station, which I have been told was done to create a weak spot in case of mine damage. so, what mark is the ferret? Is it just an up armoured 2/3, or is it a 2/4? It came off the line in 1959, so not a particularity early one. cheers mick
  8. Worth getting there at least am hour early to get a bacon Sarnie and mug of coffee from the excellent cafe!
  9. I will be there in the Ferret. Missed it last year due to lack of vehicle, but great little gathering. mick
  10. I dealt with Paul quite some time ago to get a ferret transported and can vouch he is a top guy that is passionate about MVs. I think the rate he charged me was extreme value for money, probably because it gave him a chance to play...although I may be wrong there paul...are you suggesting the recover service is run by MV enthusiasts, for MV enthusiasts? That may be your USP in that case? mick
  11. Hi stick, welcome aboard and congratulations on your acquisition. your best bet is probably Banister's or Marcus Glenn. whereabouts are you? Mick
  12. Has your friend tested it, or are the brake lights just coming on overnight. i was fooled into thinking mine was bad until some guys on here put me right, and required new master cylinder. mick
  13. Out of interest, why are you replacing it? What is the issue? mick
  14. Antony, I suspect that Chris is trying to guide you in the direction of getting your vehicle road registered legally by ensuring the width is below the max permitted whilst on the road (whilst replacing any offending bins or whatever makes it over width whilst at a show or off-road). I don't think I have seen a single piece of duff advice from him on the forum. Like sidewinder says, at the end of the day the decision is yours, but the onus is on you if you do drive it on the road (ignorance is no defence in an accident). the same could be said for those vehicles that require no MOT, the onus is on the owner to ensure it's maintained and in a fit state to be driven on the road.
  15. I have to agree, my recent ferret acquisition had been on SORN for several years. I insured it, and the next day, before going to work on it with view to driving it home I went online to see how far I would get. entered reg and v5 number, said it would check for valid MOT, hit "next" thinking it would fail...kaboom..." Thank you for taxing your vehicle, tax will run until Xx June 2016"
  16. Andy's site every time http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk go to the "manuals" page and check out electrical equipment, V622 mick
  17. Just got back from the show, what a great friendly event this has turned into over just a few seasons. a fly past, landing and static display of an RAF Chinook with the crew on hand to provide a tour of this great bit of kit was something not to miss if you have never been in or near one before (there is a small bit of footage on YouTube). The team really know how to keep the exhibitors happy!!!! Clive, was that you with the shorland today? Came past a few times but you must have been wandering around if it was you. well worth a visit next year if you missed it this year
  18. Have a look around Andy's site at http://www.ferret-fv701.co.uk, it's my first port of call whenever I want info or pictures on anything ferret related
  19. I struggle to believe the before and after pics are of the same parts!!! 1st class job on all of it so far.
  20. What is the reason Rex and the team are quitting? Maybe there is something we can do as a movement to convince him otherwise?
  21. I will be setting off early tomorrow morning in the Ferret...if you see me by the side of the M40/A40/A46 please stop and help Not sure its entirely wise doing 100 miles each way, but what the heck! Mick
  22. Hi terry I found a 16L one online like the one you described. I think that will do the trick cheers mick
  23. Can I just check for my peace of mind....EP80/90, GL5 is an OK replacement for Ferret where OEP220 is specified...ie bevel boxes, tracta joints, steering bevel boxes and tranfer box? Is it OK top up existing fluids with that replacement? Cheers Mick
  24. Hi Bob, yes, thats what I did last time but managed to get it up my sleeves, on the drive , in my hair etc...dont ask! Maybe I just need to panic less this time ] Mick
  25. I am about to do an engine oil change on the Ferret, and I seem to remember last time I got in a right mess due to the amount of oil, getting on for 14 litres. I was thinking of buying a cheap manual oil transfer pump from machine mart, the kind of thing you can use on an oil drum...and draw the majority of the oil through the filler. Am I right to assume there are no restrictions or bends in the filler tube, and I can get into the bottom of the oil tank? Cheers Mick
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