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  1. Hi robin, it's these seals on the ball joints, the one on the left of the vehicle is fine, but will replace both if possible
  2. Looked at boots today and don't think it will work. anyone any idea of who would stock correct seals or complete joints, or suggest an alternative? cheers mick
  3. Although "wrong", could I just use a generic boot over the ball joints?
  4. Would anyone know where I can get ball pin seals for the steering rods, or replacement ball pins with seals? Tried banisters but he does not have them. cheers mick
  5. Thanks Diana. 6mm nitrile cord ordered up. mick
  6. Hi Diana, is it possible to get the o ring on without dismantling everything? They seem to do a good selection at Simply Bearings online....or I may try Pirtek up the road from me. Thanks, Mick oh..how rude...thanks for replying
  7. I am working my way up from the ground before starting cosmetic refresh on the ferret. whilst looking at the wheel stations, I noticed a large O ring appears to have snapped on the outer bevel box, and there is not one at all on the left front ( both rears are intact). i think this is item 38 in v622, at the end of paragraph 140? "outside the flange of the locking ring a o-section ring (38) sealing the inner tracta housing is fitted." this is a big ring, maybe 5 or 6 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch in cross-section. can I just take it off, clean it up and superglue the ends together in situ before easing back into place, with the glued section uppermost? I could also get some more rubber of the same cross-section and make one for the left wheel? or can new ones be sourced and fitted without taking the drums etc off? thanks, mick
  8. Hi TJ, what are the tyres you have there? They look like a good compromise on and off road? mick
  9. I have a flick through and if there is something I like I may buy it. To be honest a lot of threads on here make far better reading.
  10. Tony, I don't think painting my WIFE orange will make her less of threat...in fact it would make it angry and more of a threat! On a serious note though, I can see that laboisselle is playing devils advocate with stating (probably) the worst case scenario, but it's all about mitigating the risk of falling foul of the law and although it's pretty obvious we do not wish to break it intentionally we need to make sure we stay within it? mick
  11. No, I, but your loved ones might!!!!
  12. Thanks Neil, yes would definitely be a silly move to drive down the street with an uncovered gun. Some interesting points, and would always want to err on the side of caution and common sense! Mick
  13. Thanks Neil and Chris. i have a piece of pipe that I have drilled to resemble the 30cal jacket in my ferret turret, I just wanted to check that I was not doing something really stupid if I fitted it at shows to at least look the part. I have a friend who is making a stock of sorts, just so it can be mounted...so not realistic by any stretch of the imagination. just out f interest Chris...is that jacket you have for sale? mick
  14. I have tried searching for an easy explanation, but have been unsuccessful. could someone explain to me what the rules are? if I had a pipe in my ferret turret that looked (to the layman) like a gun, what are the rules? would I just need to belong to the MVT? Or are there other things to consider? cheers mick
  15. Repeat step 20 as many times as you deem necessary!!
  16. Robin, I would agree. It's just left and right, with no reserve....the reserve is in a jerry can i would also agree with terry, it's easier to see how much you have in the vehicle right hand side tank than the left....so I generally do not run that side down too much. mick
  17. Hi, Banisters her in the uk may be your best bet. Not a huge kit so shipping should not be an issue. Mick
  18. cool, if it's not for our entertainment what other reason would you take and show a vehicle....unless he is thinking of paying all the exhibitors?
  19. If the new organiser does have a digital marketing campaign, part of that is to see what is out there already with regards digital media. a simple search for "war and peace revival review" brings HMVF second in the search results....so even if they were unaware of hmvf before (doubtful), they certainly are now? just a shame they are ignoring everyone, they would have a good audience here to scupper any rumours or out of context quotes
  20. Clive, you had to be there Lemmy was a legend when he played with Hawkwind, never mind when he started Motorhead. There is a push from certain sectors to name a new element, allegedly some sort of "heavy metal" after Lemmy (leminium)...as he was Heavy Metal personified. So..we also have an element that no-one has previously seen.
  21. Mark, I have to admit the "without me you would have no show" comment has also made my mind up. He certainly knows how to sweet-talk folk! Maybe if the traders are having the same experience we will see them moving to alternate shows? My three shows of choice this year will be Wartime in the Vale, Capel, and Tanks and Trucks. All stonking shows for different reasons. Mick
  22. Mine was also there, will dig out record card 02DA22
  23. Thanks. Richard, that makes perfect sense. mick
  24. Richard/stronghold, I guess it's not as obvious with the b60, as you would normally see emulsified oil on the filler cap of a regular engine, but not so on a ferret? Would you see emulsified oil on the dipstick? Being a dry sump I think the oil level is checked in the scavenger tank so may not show emulsification? just checking to get that straight in my mind. mick
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