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  1. Although I can understand this will prove less stressful on wiring looms, does it leave things more prone to dry joints? I am not sure if its the voltage or the current that "seems" to make 24V systems less prone to dodgy connections? That said, using LEDs does seem a great choice. Mick
  2. Well I am looking forward to the new issues, I will vote with my feet and buy the first few issues to support the new editor purely on his energy and commitment.... If it's a good read I will continue.....he deserves at least that for being open and passionate about his new role!!!!
  3. I have not bought CMV for some time now, brief scans in Smiths have not inspired me to be honest, I used to love it. i agree with Jack, it's great that JC is on here defending his corner and must surely say he is confident we will be happy with his changes.....I look forward to Jan 19.
  4. Strange, the lady who deals with entries (Donna), has always been quick to reply! i am booked in with ferret, hopefully it will be dry mick
  5. I may be dim, but I thought there were two (easy) point at which to fill up the tracta/bevel boxes? the filler/level plug on the inner tracta/ bevel (page 131 of the tech manual), and the filler/level plug on the outer tracta ( why bother trying to get to the filler plug at the top)? It also says in the tech manual to fill the hubs at the outer tracta filler, with the hub plug at 3 or 9 o'clock until it flows, replace plug and continue to fill until it flows from outer tracta filler/level plug. i have always filled mine from the easiest position (ie the filler/level plugs), taking it slow and rechecking as you do tend to get a little bit of blow back and time to settle.
  6. Thankyou, an elegant simple solution!!!! Now to call my builder mate 😀
  7. What is the easiest way to remove surface rust and restore a chain? I am referring to the recovery chains on the front of a ferret...they are smothered in rust. thanks, mick
  8. Hi Phil, you could try Byfleet Road, just off the A3 Cobham/Byfleet exit at Felton Fleet school. Quiet no through road, not residential....I would suspect you would be fine down there. Mick
  9. Thats very interesting, the canvas I used it on was pretty old and probably had no dressing left, which is probably why it worked. So maybe not an option on better canvases!
  10. You ain't met my kids!!!
  11. I have used thompsons waterseal in the past and it has been effective. Try not to get it on glass or plastic Windows as it leaves marks that are a bu99er to get off. the new "improved" version of thompsons no longer states canvas, but I put some on an old canvas that covers the kids rabbit hutch two or three years ago and it's been fine.
  12. http://Www.ferret-fv701.co.uk a quick google search for "Daimler ferret" brings andys site up close to top mick
  13. robin, i think ink you may be right, and was probably what m109a3uk was getting at with tanks trucks and firepower coming up. Great show and I am looking forward to it even though it's a 100 mile+ drive each way in the ferret 😁 Mick
  14. Yes, last year I attended and my brother turned up not booked in and he was allowed in. They are a very friendly and laid back show...well worth attending. I will be getting there Friday evening.
  15. I was down to attend, all packed and then my wife fell ill so could not stay overnight. I did attend as a punter on the Saturday and it was a great show, hopefully I will make a better effort next year!
  16. Welcome aboard, be prepared to be drawn into ownership if you do not already have something where are you based and what is your area/era of interest? mick
  17. I finally sourced the rubbers, well actually Graham at www.makanosurplus.co.uk went above and beyond to get them from one of his sources!!! my next question is, when putting them back together, do I just snug the castelated nut at the bottom line f the ball pin up tight, or does anyone recommend a torque setting for it? I cannot find anything specific in any of my manuals. thanks, mick
  18. Can I also do the same, I can scan in the entry and email to you? cheers mick
  19. Clive Elliot posted info on this back in 2006, here is the relevant info...hope Clive does not mind me pinching the image 😁
  20. I think it's the sellers placing their adverts in the military vehicle section on ebay?
  21. The hop farm may be very busy and that's the only date in the show season they could get?
  22. Thanks Chris, I did look at that website and they appear to have the ball listed but not the seal etc. i will give them a call tomorrow. have you ever replaced the seals? There must be something standard off the shelf that would do the job? mick
  23. Does anyone know of another source for Ferret parts? I have tried Banister and Marcus Glenn. I know there is a guy somewhere down south that is a good source but cannot remember his name.
  24. Hi trevor it just looks like a rubber ring and metal cup washer.
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