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  1. If you open the image in another tab it uses the image in photo bucket which seems clear
  2. I thought the RFC shroud was made of hard rubber mat so would not be as vulnerable as you think.....I may be wrong though.
  3. It arrived three hours early, so missed it coming in. Was pretty impressive all the same with a huge, how can I explain it.....pallet trolly to move it the final few hundred yards into the site.
  4. There are some very tight turns and a tiny roundabout to negotiate in New Haw....could that be the reason for using such a beast?
  5. Yes, then down past mclaren then left through woodham and into new haw
  6. I will be popping out on my bike to see it through, will be interesting at some of the roundabouts and junctions around Woking
  7. It certainly looks ex-military? Should be an interesting site on M25 this weekend, and expecially when it negotiates roundabouts when it comes off towards Woking https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/huge-lorry-set-cause-45-15036465
  8. If that's you police car next to the arena.....its gonna need a clean! Dusty or what.
  9. Dont think so...I just got an email. They are a great bunch, even if you are not booked in they will probably let you in...maybe drop them an email now.
  10. I do sometimes wonder if riding a bike should be made part of passing a driving test...it would help people understand how vulnerable other road users are. Driving an old vehicle not only makes you plan ahead in traffic and for road conditions, but makes you so much more aware of what is going on. The safer you make vehicles, the more stupid people seem to become!
  11. I am sure someone has it.....they just don't dare admit it
  12. And would surely invalidate your warranty.
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