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  1. Hello Pete Just wondering if this item is still available. I apologise in advance if it has sold on, I could not see other messages. many thanks David Rodwell
  2. hi i have been trying to upload pics on here of my landy, sankey and can-am but alas still unable to upload?? Any hints or tricks?
  3. ah ok thank you, didnt actually realise what i had written until i read it back lol
  4. This may be silly but on a site called northwest land rovers, they have a few vehicles advertised as having '' Fresh new rear tub''??? Is this possible?? Is there somewhere you can buy a new tub? Confused.com If not, does any body know of anywhere not too pricey who would take my tub and return it like new? dont mind how long it takes as it would allow me time to galv the chassis and take my time. I have a 109 frr i would like to restore to a high standard ( some people give me the one raised eyebrow or the tilt of the head with a tut when say this). Land rovers are common on the circuit i know, so why not restore one to a high standard and make it stand out from the rest?? Plus mine has extreamly low mileage for a 30 year old, with original factory bulkhead in mint condition, so think it will be worth to do the job properly :cheesy: Any info would be great, btw i'm in crawley west sussex Many thanks guys David
  5. Hi guys after loads of research into my landy's history, i have decided to go ahead with restoring her to 1 Welch Guards. Does anyone have any pictures of their landy series 3 109 ffr? I'm un-sure of their markings and where they would be placed on the vehicle itself. Dates she was with them are 1984 to 1987. Possible tour op 'Cara Cara' but doubt it as she only has 24,000 miles on her? Also looking to put uniform together to go along with the vehicle display. Many thanks :-))
  6. Wow thank you soooooo much!!!!! loads of info to choose from. Especially been as i have just sent off trying for more info with yet again another negative return. Many thanks and will keep you informed with which unit i stick with :-))
  7. Sure :-) -HILTON 9 feb 1984 D.D.E. - 1 QLR 3/7/84 - 1 RWF 5/11/84 - R/PTY 1RWF 5/3/85 - 1 RWF 1/8/85 - 2 PARA 6/5/87 - 1 DWR 13/2/89 - 3 SCOTS 18/07/91 - 2 R WELSH 19/04/93 - 1 WG 26/08/94 - 3 MERCIAN 12/03/96 - ASTON DOWN 21/10/97
  8. Hi there, yes i also work on the LCY 318 NYC route :-) One of my favourites!!
  9. Hi Guys And Girls new to the site, and would thought i'd take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm David, 29 years old and have a huge passion for military vehicles. Job wise i work for British Airways as cabin crew. ( the non striking kind based at Gatwick lol) In a dream world i would love to own a WW2 airbase, restore it to original war time condition, and have hangers filled with military vehicles. Am i by myself there?? haha My Uncle has had a huge influence in my interest. He has for many years found a restored WW2 vehicles, many being individual and always to a VERY high standard, for this i admire!! As much as i would like to follow in his footsteps, i have no where near the knowledge to, (YET!!!) One of my great loves is the Land Rover, any kind!! My father was military and would often pop back in his lunch hour in 101, 109, 80, sherpa's etc, and the families day were always entertaining. Infact i think they propelled my childhood dream. So today i now own a Land Rover Series 3 FFR with Sankey trailer, and a Can Am 250. All of which at the mo are going through a complete nut and bolt restoration, whilst in the hope the Landy and Can am can further my experience in mechanics for which i have none of!! Pictures are to follow shortly. Many thanks David
  10. Thank you :-) i will try harder then lol. I walked round war and peace for hours trying to perhaps find similiar land rovers associated with regiments mentioned on the deepcut report but again no joy.
  11. I have recently purchased ad registered a L/R series 3 ffr. My first project and really hoping it could be something different, rather than plain old nato green that sat around a base as a run around. I Enquired to deep cut and have a merlin print out. I thought this would tell me if she went abroad? But the only info both provide are who she served with? Can any one shed some light how i find out more? Would the report tell me if she went abroad or do i now have to delve deeper through the units and dates she was with then? I have tried typing the units into army page to see where they could have been between dates but with no joy. Help?
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