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  1. 32years today the 2nd battalion the parachute regiment retook goose green from the argies. . Remember the seventeen. R.I.P. Boys
  2. Not a para smock , no woollen cuffs. Just a plain 68? Pattern smock.
  3. love her or hate her , what other PM apart from churchill would have had the ********** to send the SAS into the iranian embassy with the agenda .
  4. i would rather see uniform faded and repaired it means it's got some history to it. im not too keen on minty fresh gear.:yawn:
  5. anybody out there know if there are any dallas digout type sales in the norfolk/suffolk area in the near future ? ive got quite of bit of kit i want to sell and i hate e bay , the dallas digout is a hell of a trek for me .any info would be great ,many thanks .steve.
  6. they are ALL full auto with a little TWEEK :cool2:
  7. ha ha ,reading your post brought back some painful memories especially the bit about the lid cracking you on the conk,
  8. no never noticed that :red:
  9. good old e bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-Issue-Beige-Desert-Sand-Pure-New-Wool-Pullover-Jumper-New-Genuine-/130802620013?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&var=&hash=item1e7471966d
  10. browning barracks my old stomping grounds
  11. we held a d day event at my place of work last year and there where a number of folk walking around in para reg uniform and beret's . it has never bothered me before but i could feel myself getting angry at these men . i took me and a lot of other guys a lot of blood, sweat and some tears to earn the right to wear that beret and somehow felt cheated. please don't even get me started on the wearing of medals not earned :mad:
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