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  1. Gents,For my sins... I have one of the "fake" 432 30s but it was a Christmas present from my wife, so its not my fault. the actual 432 last saw aervice in Kosovo as an ambulance and was converted by a previous owner about 5 years ago.I am currently in the process of giving it a face lift and I am keen to find any history on the original vehicles, what units they served with and where. My hope is to adopt the relevant unit markings for the unit these served with on the premis that if its a fake at least its an accurate fake...Does any one know of anywhere with some FOX turret smoke dischargers?Great archive pictures, very interesting, thanks.P.S.Who else finds it midly amusing that a Light Blue SO3 Loggie now owns an armoured vehicle... Great credibility with my LAND colleagues though.
  2. Hi Welcome from the fellow new boy. Just got a 432/30 for Christmas so happy to swap tales... Andy
  3. Hi, Looking for a liitle help, guidance and direction. The wife just gave me a fantastic Christmas present... An FV432/30... Most of us expect aftershave, socks maybe something for the car, but No I get 17 Tonnes of fun... Anyway, we have known the vehicle for the last 8 years and she is a good runner. She has a couple of known faults and we would like to try and get them sorted. 1. Since the vehicle arrived it has aleays had a fault with the Gearbox oil which runs hot and ends up a milky brown colour (emulsified?), has vever got any worse over the years but I would still like to get it sorted. Could any of you point me in the right direction to probable causes? 2. Coolant leak that a new radiator and visual power pack out inspection failed to identify but still looking. 3. Pretty sound but in need of a once over, current colour scheme is olive drab but keen to put it into green/black colours. Are there any specific painting schematics for this pattern or a rough guide to the green/black split? Any help or direction is very gratefully recieved. Happy New Year :-\
  4. Not sure if this helps but I have a VT Land presentation with the following extracts: 1. -TRANSMISSION -The X200 4C gearbox is located at the front of the vehicle and can be accessed from the driver’s compartment and from the outside of the vehicle via the gearbox access covers. -It is connected to the engine via a drive shaft to a transfer box. The drive is then transferred through a torque converter to the Transmission. -The gearbox, by means of 4 forward and one reverse gear, provides the drive to the final drives via two output drive shafts. The gearbox also provides a neutral turn facility as well as braking and steering of the vehicle. 2. -Brakes The gearbox houses the vehicle brakes. These are applied by depressing the brake pedal which initially applies the brakes via a braking cross beam, a braking compensator chain and left and right brake apply shafts. Braking is then applied by means of hydraulics within the gearbox. Further application of the brake pedal will increase the brake effort by mechanically enhancing the hydraulic actuators within the gearbox. Secondary Braking The parking brake linkage is independent of the primary brake linkage and attaches to the brake pawls on the gearbox. Apologies for the "messy" text I am still learning how to post to the threads. I do have the presentations (VT Engine Pack Precis, VT General Precis and VT Transmission Precis) and will email or post (if someone tells me how)?
  5. Hi, New member as a result of the Christmas present my wife surprised me with. Now the very proud owner of an FV432/30 Rarden... Serving BRITMIL (RAF, Logisitics) currently posted overseas in UAE, the only bad part about that is that my fantastic present is 5000 miles away and I am not due back till June :embarrassed: Have served alongside a myriad of military vehicles and always been interested in them. Like most UK Mil I have a deep rooted love of the Land Rover in any variant. The new toy has been known to us for about 8 years and came from a family friend so pretty happy with the general condition. Same friend has 2 T-34s and a GMC lorry as part of his collection so I get the best of both worlds and to play with some pretty serious hardware. Genuine interest to learn more with a view to giving it some TLC and getting it to the shows. Any help from the wise and educated is greatly appreciated. Should anyone require knowledge from me? New to the world of HMV's but twenty years of MIL experience the last 7 of which in the Logisitics world specialising in Air Mobility. Not sure what use that is but ask away :-\ Regards, Andy
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