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  1. Thanks Bob, I did receive your pm. I replied but not sure if it went through. Doesnt seem to show in my sent file. I have a reputable advisor in Ontario that has been guiding me with some of this and your name has come up in our conversations so I will keep in contact with you shortly into the knew year. Thanks
  2. I'm just sending some feelers out there as to suggestions, experiences cost estimates and things to look out for. I am aware of most of the rules and regulations required here in Canada as to importing but doing a little more homework to minimize my suprises.
  3. Anyone have recommendations of trust-worthy shipping companies that will ship a FV434 to Canada from the UK?
  4. thanks for the info. been doing a ton of reading from the manuals. hopefully it will all be absorbed.
  5. Hello Gentlemen In regards to properly maintaining a FV432/434 , can anyone give me incite or advice on what some of the main necessities in spares, replacement parts, tools, regular maintenance needs and things to look for or keep an eye on with regards to keeping these machines running smoothly and maintained. Can anyone think of things that they have forgotten, neglected, or overlooked when they purchased or when operating their FV432/434. Also, was there any wants or adds to their wish list that they would have liked to have on their FV432/434. Thanks
  6. Hello Gentlemen with knowledge and experience on CVR(T) Spartans. Are hose line couplings ,piping threads , bolt sizes, orings and oil seals the same threads and sizes as SAE and Metric available here in North America?. I have the opportunity to acquire a Spartan here in Canada and since UK MVs is new territory for me, I have a few krinkles to work out before a final decision can be made. Having dealt with only North American MVs so far, I will be relying greatly on the experience of others. My question is what basic parts will be available here in Canada? North American MVs can have basic replacement parts like brake lines, hydraulic hoses, bearings and seals all found at most local suppliers and machine shops. This is because most bolt threads, pipe threads and shaft diameters where generic dimensions for many years and used on many things other than military vehicles. Would this be the same for owning a British MV. Budgets would get blown really fast if everytime I had a brake line or o-ring seal needing to be shipped across the pond each time. Obviously specialty items need to be found at specialty shops just like here. For guys that own American Iron like the MB, GPW or M38 in the UK, whats it like finding basic fundamental parts in the UK. Just fishing for information. Thanks
  7. A very useful machine Sorry for my lack of vehicle recognition, but what is the machine sitting to the right of it? Dan
  8. That is precisely why. Canada isn't fortunate enough to have such easy access to these machines. But then if they were so readily available here, then they wouldn't be so unique and I would have to have something different to call my own piece of history. But thanks anyways.
  9. If we can get under 9 feet in width on the MK1, we can eliminate the hastle of applying for the permit. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the machine as of yet so I am ahead of the cart so to speak, otherwise I would go and measure myself. Just trying to get a little info ahead of time from those that know. thanks
  10. Hello everyone and FV432 fans Wondering if anyone can help me with the accurate dimensions of the FV432 MK1. I am looking to possibly have one transported on flat deck but want to see if we can eliminate the need for a wide load permit. With the exhaust ontop and perhaps removing some of the side brackets we might be able to do it. I can only find dimensions for the MK2 which are wider because of the side exhaust and larger nbc system opposite side. Any info would be great. Thanks
  11. Hello Everyone Just wanted to introduce myself. Dan from London, Canada. I am working my way into the world of Military vehicle preservation. Have my mind keen on tracked vehicles such as the British Fv432. Looking forward to the vast amount of knowledge available on the site. Thankyou Dan
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