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  1. If you did not have an impulse coupling in your mag, you'd start the car on the trembler, then switch the mag on once running.
  2. Put them in the bore when (I assume Mike) has bored the cylinders for you and the liners are in place. If they fit well go for it, if they don't make some new ones. Young James Allison seems to have cracked making rings round here. I believe turns them to size plus a magic number (which isn't big by the sounds of it, but seems to be a trade secret). Puts a junior haxsaw through them, springs them out using a spacer and waves the gas axe at them to get them to a certain colour. Then lets them cool and gaps them Then they are good to go.
  3. I had (still have) a cracked crankcase on an Austin 7. Also aluminium. I had another but changing the crank, cam etc seemed so much of a ball ache, i used some fuel tank sealer painted on the inside. It has never leaked oil. And is currently doing service on my chummy. It was the white stuff that Paul Beck used to sell.
  4. ive seen a few where the pikeys found a steel worm!
  5. After trying water cooling via the hosepipe we knocked the grinding disk on the head and used a £6 Lidl circular saw blade. We finished the 2nd wheel last night
  6. There used to be a 1920's Cottain Desgouttes car in north wales with what was said to be a Stutz Bearcat in it. Given it was a British registered car. It makes me wonder if the engine was actually a FWD one.
  7. Pity you cant get any of these. These are pukka Lorry tyres but without the all important CE mark so sold as agricultural. I bought 5 a year or so ago for my trailer. https://www.bigtyres.co.uk/tyres.html?tyre_size=2873&manufacturer=2411
  8. Looks like the pukka wheel type to me
  9. Just my 2 penneth worth. The rear wheel with holes in it is Dennis. Same as fitted to their trailer pumps. The front wheels are simply 23 inch rim Sankey wheels, as fitted to a lot of vintage lorrys. 33x5's as you note (33 (OD) - (2x5 (height) = 23 rim) And they are 8 stud, not 6. There is an adaptor between the 6 stud hub, and 8 stud wheel. If it were mine, Id put the adaptor between the wheel and the hub, not in front of the adaptor. It would look more accurate in wheel terms, but it would bring them further out, may have wing issues.
  10. Try nearly 20years later!. I suspect (no evidence to back my suspicions) that the trailers they had were sourced from Dave Sanders up the road.
  11. From memory they were extended at the back by a fair bit. Very crude
  12. The plant hire firm on the Colomendy Industrial estate in Denbigh converted them and sold them on to Farmers. I used to work next door on my holidays while I was a student. There were a number of different styles, but all 3 wheel and sprung
  13. Tigerseal is simply a black polyurethane sealer that dries to look like black rubber. The wide boys use it to glue their wide boy body kits on their wannabe hot hatches. And it takes all paint 11quid a tube at your local halfrauds
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