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  1. Heres a forum regular studying it some time ago. All those years ago it struck me that it was a far simpler restorationthan some others completed at that location. So im glad to see it with a new owner and i hope to see it running soon.
  2. the bloke I rent the shed off is a time served wheelwright.
  3. I doubt it was done like that back in the day. It would be pressed on
  4. As noted. Ransommes Simms & Jefferies. The plate is the same style as the Ransommes 'Clean Boiler Every 100 hours' plate I have over the porta potty in the living van
  5. The M S & Co plate appears to be a product of Marshall and Sons Co of Gainsborough.
  6. Just had an interesting conversation with a old gent. He had a T head, aluminium crankcase, 4 cylinder Austin engine, which had been made into a stationary engine. Apparently never fitted to a vehicle but supplied by Austins as a stationary engine to a furniture maker in Balsall Common. The dimentions he indicated to me may be about the right size for a twinshaft engine and he seemed to think it matched the photos on this thread. Anyone heard of this as a fate for surplus Austin lorry engines?. This one is still about
  7. the cars registered BF in 1904 were re registered. FX substituted for the BF. So BF 5 became FX 5. Ive been making care worn number plates today. Easier than you think. I used white and yellow chalk and clear coat.
  8. Tested Spring in Tividale Birmingham. Theyve done all sorts for me. Including Aveling safety valve springs
  9. If you did not have an impulse coupling in your mag, you'd start the car on the trembler, then switch the mag on once running.
  10. Put them in the bore when (I assume Mike) has bored the cylinders for you and the liners are in place. If they fit well go for it, if they don't make some new ones. Young James Allison seems to have cracked making rings round here. I believe turns them to size plus a magic number (which isn't big by the sounds of it, but seems to be a trade secret). Puts a junior haxsaw through them, springs them out using a spacer and waves the gas axe at them to get them to a certain colour. Then lets them cool and gaps them Then they are good to go.
  11. I had (still have) a cracked crankcase on an Austin 7. Also aluminium. I had another but changing the crank, cam etc seemed so much of a ball ache, i used some fuel tank sealer painted on the inside. It has never leaked oil. And is currently doing service on my chummy. It was the white stuff that Paul Beck used to sell.
  12. ive seen a few where the pikeys found a steel worm!
  13. After trying water cooling via the hosepipe we knocked the grinding disk on the head and used a £6 Lidl circular saw blade. We finished the 2nd wheel last night
  14. There used to be a 1920's Cottain Desgouttes car in north wales with what was said to be a Stutz Bearcat in it. Given it was a British registered car. It makes me wonder if the engine was actually a FWD one.
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