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  1. apparently Austin also fitted them the 7HP. Most restorers don't bother. I've been saving Grover washers, from other peoples restorations to fit on my Fowler roller. Fitted some yesterday
  2. Austin 7 cams lobes are regularly ground beyond the base circle (to make them high lift). So there appears to be plenty of meat to regrind
  3. I bought a twisted wire brush wheel (not a cup) to go on the grinder from screwfix last week. They do a no contact collection. You dont even go in the building
  4. I'm another who suggests a lap. Turn up a male, grinding paste , putnon the lathe Or set up a shaped stone tool in a dremel in the toolpost and slowly grind
  5. I have one of these internal filters which I will happily sell
  6. Having been lucky enough upon occasion to drive Mike Wilkinsons WD 5 tonner I can tell you that the tipping gear works very well indeed. Though I can see how you could very easily loose some fingers. You are very lucky to have a 5 tonner. A Foden and a living van would be my ideal rig. Ideally a d type however!. Father was a Sentinel man, but I'd sooner have a overtype any day.
  7. Ah, is that a tank cooled model? A friend om mine has a 1919 model, I believe a H. With a 2JO Dorman in it.
  8. Is that a Barford & Perkins motor roller behind?
  9. I was about to offer the two gents above a £10 wager. Of course it is. Given its 4 wheel drive!
  10. Heres a forum regular studying it some time ago. All those years ago it struck me that it was a far simpler restorationthan some others completed at that location. So im glad to see it with a new owner and i hope to see it running soon.
  11. the bloke I rent the shed off is a time served wheelwright.
  12. I doubt it was done like that back in the day. It would be pressed on
  13. As noted. Ransommes Simms & Jefferies. The plate is the same style as the Ransommes 'Clean Boiler Every 100 hours' plate I have over the porta potty in the living van
  14. The M S & Co plate appears to be a product of Marshall and Sons Co of Gainsborough.
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