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  1. I'll see what I have, the thread is unusual
  2. What size thread is the Rotherhams?
  3. No, Dave you misunderstand, the stirrups are a industry standard, or rather 2 standards. Side and Head. But that type of lamp, steel bowl, ali rims, there are a number of different diameter lamps. The ones I had were apparently smaller than ones Fitted to a Sentinel, so that market wasn't mad interested. Alan Eatwell saw the big picture, the rarity, and the quality of the product and paid full asking price unseen!. My view with your restoration is that provided you put some period stirrup mounted lamps on it, there isn't many about who know enough to pick holes with it. In anycase the lighting may well have been an option, or indeed purchaser fitted. The ali rim commercial lamps are actually much rarer than the car equivalents in brass. That said the market is such that despite being rarer they are not that many punters who want to buy them, whearas the easier to find large car equivalents (usually brass bowl, brass rim) are easier to sell, both to the actual large vintage car - market, but also to those making Mk6 Bentleys look like 4 1/2 litre Birkin Jobs. They are all a much of a muchness price wise. I got over £600 for my pair nearly 10 years ago, but they were ready to fit, reslivered etc. I notice there is a nice pair of ali rimmed Smiths lamps wanting a bit of work here, and don't look out of the way in price terms. https://www.prewarcar.com/168967-smiths-headlights-for-a-variety-of-british-cars , but they do appear to be in New Zealand!.
  4. I had a pair that resembled that, steel bowls with the stirrup mount rivetted in, Ali bezel. I sold them to Alan Eatwell to go on his S type Foden (diesel). There are a lot of different sizes, CAV and Lucas tend to be identical from about 1929ish as Lucas bought CAV. And ML and various other electrical firms.
  5. I have a list of chassis/car numbers for the late batch. Its in a handbook I have.
  6. mine is a spade mount, so doesnt match sorry
  7. I have a H&B sidelight here, I'll see if it matches the one you have there
  8. Yes, a good find. Thankfully I am restoring it to the condition it ended work in 1963, not as built. Many of the fixings are already missing them. I'm not therefore being to keen with what I put back, so long as the washers fit, and the fixings are whit I'm happy. I've had access to a lot of nuts and bolts removed from a 1909 Fowler Road locomotive during its recent and thorough restoration (the restorer has made all new whit nuts and bolts to pre war size using CNC), which have been a big help, I think Ben will have got his Austin cylinder pattern from the same place. With respect to this restoration, I do have a few long large whit coatchbolts knocking about, all red rusty of course, but all new. I'll chuck them all in a box, I shall not be using any on the roller.
  9. Did you buy them off another Ben perchance? If you did his Fowler road locomotive is looking very nice indeed. I saw it on Friday (socially distanced of course)
  10. apparently Austin also fitted them the 7HP. Most restorers don't bother. I've been saving Grover washers, from other peoples restorations to fit on my Fowler roller. Fitted some yesterday
  11. Austin 7 cams lobes are regularly ground beyond the base circle (to make them high lift). So there appears to be plenty of meat to regrind
  12. I bought a twisted wire brush wheel (not a cup) to go on the grinder from screwfix last week. They do a no contact collection. You dont even go in the building
  13. I'm another who suggests a lap. Turn up a male, grinding paste , putnon the lathe Or set up a shaped stone tool in a dremel in the toolpost and slowly grind
  14. I have one of these internal filters which I will happily sell
  15. Having been lucky enough upon occasion to drive Mike Wilkinsons WD 5 tonner I can tell you that the tipping gear works very well indeed. Though I can see how you could very easily loose some fingers. You are very lucky to have a 5 tonner. A Foden and a living van would be my ideal rig. Ideally a d type however!. Father was a Sentinel man, but I'd sooner have a overtype any day.
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