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  1. http://www.landroveraddict.com/features/2012/1/25/1955/ definitely puts them as yellow, but in the picture the wings are very dark someone must remember them!
  2. Hi has anyone got any pictures of a FV18003 Ladder van Land Rover, I have one published in Land Rover World but it's black & white, I could really do with a colour one, it looks like it's yellow with black wings, anyone remember them. Also after pictures of the FV18005 Ambulance, found some on the RAF mountain rescue website but could still do with some more detailed pics. Thanks Roy
  3. Hi Folks, a quick hello, always been interested in Military vehicles, might be a result of my Dad doing his national service in REME. Nothing military on the drive yet, need to finish the other projects first! Been researching Series 1 RAF Land Rovers & now have 2 Airfix Bristol Bloodhound kits to while away the cold winter months! Roy
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