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  1. John, There is a buz on a thread on FaceBook about these tires. I am going to post this thread link on FB to get those truly interested to see your research. Any updates on the cost or is it just safe to say it is still in the $9,600 range for a set of 12? SD
  2. John, Does the 969 have a tailgate? I would be interested in that and any associated hardware. More pictures would be great. Sean
  3. A very fine beach in deed Sir! Looking forward to running over some sand castles! Sean
  4. FYI- I am still looking for a pair of the diff mounted head lights. And a bottom for an early style round air cleaner.
  5. So has there been any decisions on this gathering? Will it be at the Evesham event? Curious minds want to know!! Sean
  6. Thats cool Steve! Does he have any pictures you could post? SD
  7. Wow!...has it been a long time since this thread was updated!!!:wow: Some times you just have to back away and focus one fewer things at a time. Well that is our excuse as many of you know how that is pretty much impossible!!! Although work has not physically been done, the parts searching never ends. The spark behind this update is the procurement of a NOS early style air cleaner!! Both of the originals were missing the pans as they usually are. So we now at least have a pattern for the rest of the bits in case we can't find what we need. The hull is 90 percent disassembled. Just need to remove the last boggie assembly, remove the wiring harness, take apart 3 boogie assemblies and she is ready for sand blasting.... All of this right after I finish the Half Track. Oh right, that was the hold up in the first place. A half track paint job that turned into a frame up rest!!! Any how, we are trying to get pumped up on this project again! There are some parts we still need to get and I'll post them soon. Cheers Sean Here is the Air cleaner we obtained.
  8. Sorry I haven't updated this thread lately. We have been pretty busy with all kinds of craziness. We have acquired some parts. Mainly seals and such. Thank you to those that have helped out there. She is up and running and has been named the " Happy Hooker". :angel: We haven't taken her around the neighborhood yet, just slow moves in the yard. First fix was the hand brake cable was seized in the applied position. Thats now freed up so she rolls freely. Next, we found that the wrecker PTO worked.....as in it was stuck in the engaged position so it basically was always working when we moved it!!!! Good thing we didn't just tear ass down the street!! So we are just taking it easy and a little at a time. The PTO cable is soaking, but still isn't free. A new one may be in order if it can be found. We have been finding reasons to use the booms though. They are quite handy! Just had to lube up the mechanisms etc. We used her to pull apart a CCKW parts truck we had. The engine of which is still in the back of the bed.... Seemed like the best place to store it for now. Enjoy the pix!! Sean
  9. Thanks for the pictures! That place looks like a lot of fun!! SD
  10. Thanks for the generosity Tim. However, I am already quite set up with my friends Charles and William. Hopefully we'll be able to Swim! I look forward to some Beers!! SD
  11. It's Happening!! See Y'all there!! :banana: Sean
  12. Thanks Tim! Right now it's comes down to the Bloody Cost of the plane ticket!!!! :wow: SD
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