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  1. Total Scum Bags Terry hope you get some leads on these people and deal accordingly !!
  2. Great Videos there Dale :):) Than you. Tell me any sign of the choice Dial sight or direct fire sight in the turret by any chance ? ? Not physically seen these as yet so will be just taking punt around market value. Thanks also Andy great 2 pictures there and all good info ++
  3. Still a fair price considering one of these is road registered !! we are bidding on both with other stuff. Looks like will be few other bidders also..
  4. Good Recovery pictures there Reggie very good find and complete with the smoke discharges and GPMG mount lucky find. How complete is the interior ? guess you looking forward checking the pack over and getting it fired up....you can download all the manuals from FV.432.co.uk club and if you need any help with anything let us know. Regards Michael
  5. Hello and welcome Reggie very interesting do you have any pictures of the recovery of your 432 ? also have a look at joining http://www.fv432.co.uk Regards Michael
  6. Should be very good turn out hoping to be there with a few lads with the GMC this year :)
  7. Privet Mamikon Welcome to the forum here lots of information here for you to study Michael UK/Russia
  8. Hello Andy been following this very closely and would be very interested in any further detailed information ? Regards Michael
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum Eddie What part of the country are you located in ? Regards Michael
  10. Hello there and welcome aboard. Great vehicles the airportables so are you doing full stripdown and rebuild ? Regards Michael
  11. Hello and welcome aboard again Andy Regards Michael
  12. Hello and welcome there what part of the country are you located in ? If you need any help/advice with anything let us know. All the best Michael
  13. Excellent very well done Nic regards Michael
  14. Hello and welcome Paul what part of the country are you from ? Regards Michael
  15. Wishing everyone here happy Christmas and very prosperous new year All my best wishes
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