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  1. Ben Rippingham

    Ww2 pattern american siren

    now sold
  2. As pictured job lot 2 have single chips on the ceramic no base nuts but will look great with a clean and paint. £180 for the lot including UK mainland postage. Ben on 07799113016
  3. These are nos brand new, later post war french bulb fitment type inside so much more practical than original units. £80 a pair or £150 for all 4 including UK mainland postage. Ben on 07799113016
  4. Ben Rippingham

    Ww2 pattern american siren

    This is Brand new nos 24 volt so maybe not suitable for all vehicles. £300 including UK mainland postage. Ben on 07799113016.
  5. Ben Rippingham

    Dodge WC distributor

    Now sold, many thanks.
  6. Ben Rippingham

    Dodge WC / GMC CCKW rear safety strap

    Now sold, many thanks.
  7. Hi all, Original ww2 heavy duty safety strap as pictured which goes across the top of the tail gate, in great oriiginal condition. Often missing and hard to find. £40 including UK postage and packing. 07799113016 or benrippingham@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Ben
  8. Ben Rippingham

    Dodge WC distributor

    Hi all, V-good ex- norway taken from a good running engine Dodge wc51 autolite distributor. Kept as a spare for my own dodge. All complete as pictured £60 including UK postage and package. Ben on 07799113016 or benrippingham@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Ben Rippingham

    M8 clutch issues

    Hi tony, Moreorless identical to dodge WC Brake master cylinder i've been told? Regards Ben
  10. Ben Rippingham

    FWD gallery

    FWD HAR-1 in Australia just turned up for sale on this forum.
  11. Ben Rippingham

    FWD gallery

    Ayup Barry, Good to hear from you, i'm already looking forward to w&p and hitting the bar.... That Morris finished yet...? Ben
  12. Ben Rippingham

    FWD gallery

    Nice one, about time......
  13. Ben Rippingham

    Bedford MW's in service gallery

    Hi all, Doesn't the carrier just compliment the 15cwt perfectly!? Regards Ben
  14. Ben Rippingham

    Do projects make more money?

    Well I had my 666 for sale on milweb a while back which is 99% complete but needs completely restoring for 4k. There is one on milweb at present for 27k! I'm pretty sure I could make a profit!!!!
  15. Ben Rippingham

    Auction disapointment and pleasure

    Hi Bob, That's a great shame, the one that you restored in W&T and I remember seeing at RAF finningley was a huge inspiration for me as a teenager and has probably help drive my enthusiasm over the years with my own restorations and mv collection. Regards Ben