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  1. I think you are not emphasizing the word "very" enough, i think you need a few more
  2. Halftrack windscreen armor is in the $1200 usd range, so I'd assume same or more due to scout cars being a bit rarer?
  3. This is good news for us track owners. Israelis still are willing to make them, but at a hefty price. There has been alot of work in the USA to find a new manufacturer, but nothing solid. These are out of the Netherlands I believe and as of this date no price. Will be interesting to see the price compared to the Israel track price
  4. Now im confused, is it coming or going now
  5. Robins bang on about Canadian ones, but also when they were first sold thru crown assets, the middle east situation went nasty. My friend had bought 2 runners, minus turret. After he paid and took possession, the government wanted them back to use in middle east. Needless to say he had them upto a few years ago.
  6. Thats pretty interesting, here is a utube picture vid of german captured 'Pz.Kpfw. Mk.IV 744
  7. Yes tracks in north america have dried up. They use to be 1250 usd each about 3 years ago but supply is gone. I have seen them at 5g each now. Europe may be different. There is an Israeli who has the molds to make them. He wants around 3500 each i believe and needs a min order. The mold is forsale too he says, 100g usd. There are a few individuals looking into having them made from scratch, long and slow process. Tracks are the hardest to find at this point, who knows into the future
  8. First where are you? Ebay usa usually has a few project to running halftracks ( i assume your talking US not german) Resto is always expensive, and the bigger the part the more to ship. Im almost done mine, 3 years later and probably a new corvette could be sitting in my driveway instead of the halftrack, but hey what will a vette do for me when the zombie Apocalypse comes also goto halftrackinfo.com its is a site specific for halftracks. I recommend buy as complete as possible as alot of stuff is still avail in nos and reproduction, but it will nickle and dime you to death (been there) Andy
  9. Joe, are you over on the mapleleafup.net website? you could try asking over there Andy
  10. Possible to change my username from vettes to alpacaandy ?
  11. Wow, incredible, thanks for posting. I hope you find out more, Andy
  12. That is neat, How bout some more shots of the components?
  13. You are the bravest man i have seen in awhile
  14. As far as I know we have no laws against knives/bayonets in canada. I have bought more than a few here in Canada from parts of the world and it has been marked as such, customs never blinked an eye. might be good to insure though
  15. LOL, u guys. Look closely, its obviously photo-shopped, the tracks look like 2 made into one. The gaping hole in front too dark etc etc
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