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  1. Try Andrew Way. I got some injectors for a 500 off him. Email below. I am restoring a Saxon and am in need of lots of parts, anything considered. whway-ltd@hotmail.com
  2. Thanks Tony B, That's exactly what I was looking for. I had it guessed at between 15-30 but wanted to see it writing to be sure. With all new bearings going in I was aiming for the high side and 30 might be a little too high. Thanks again.
  3. Hi guys, can anyone tell me what the preload is for the single speed Dodge WC51/2 transfer case bearings is? Thanks
  4. As I recall it is soldered into the drum, so you need to heat it to get it out.
  5. For sale. Daimler Ferret 1962 Mk2/3. £21000. 00353 85 141 8588. This is an exceptional example with no money spared in it's restoration. It was stripped down to it's bare hull and completely rebuilt by CombatCars. The engine was rebuilt by Dan Daly Engines and it had an out of the crate new gearbox, generator, starter, radiator, oil cooler, carb,etc fitted. The hubs and bevel boxes were stripped down, components replaced where necessary, re-shimmed and rebuilt. Steering box, drop arms and ball joints were all renewed/ rebuilt. New shocks, springs and turret barrings, the list is endless. There are hundreds of pictures that documented it's restoration a lot of witch can be seen in the Combatcars facebook page in the photo album section. It also has had extensive research done on its history with several in-service pictures and a link to a grim but interesting past. The Ferret is located in Ireland and shipping can be arranged at an extra cost.
  6. Lower locker doors fitted, just one left to do on this side.
  7. A bit more work on the spare wheel bracket.
  8. I started work on the seats what seems like an age ago, so it was nice to leave the locker doors for a while and make up the two front bottoms. I wish I had the right tool to press the cross into them. If anyone lifts up my seat cushions at a show there getting a slap
  9. Looked into the Dynator and couldn't find one driven off a timing chain. However apparently there not that hard to make up so watch this space. lol
  10. Has anyone ever change the guts of the morris dynamo for an alternator?
  11. There should be a bracket attached to the oil filler pipe.
  12. Hi Guys, I have a No41 MK2S sight. Very similar to the sight in the start of this thread, I was lead to believe it was for a 25pdr when used in an Anti-tank role. Am I right or do I have something else?
  13. Hear is a link to some pictures on FB where I carried out some work on a Ferret tank. https://www.facebook.com/combatcars/photos/?tab=album&album_id=678471155643643
  14. Not an easy job! The tank has to come forward into the fighting compartment, then twist it out the top. You will need to remove the Turret, gearbox covers, air filter, gearbox stays(behind the Battery boxes) both battery boxes,battery leads and the power distribution box. Don't remove the fuel filter as I find it handy to grip when lifting the tank out. Don't forget to remove the sender/float unit and filler neck.
  15. Yes in some of them, I will try and get some pictures for you.
  16. So, fitted the lights and number plate after giving the back a good coat of paint. It looks much better now. I think I will fit flat lenses in the future. I also fitted the rear right locker door.
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