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  1. Hello 1959 Ferret Looking for a fuel tank sender unit if anyone can help please Thanks Steve
  2. Hello Looking for a set of four DT 4ton cargo mudflaps/guards if anyone can help ? Thank you Steve.
  3. Thank you will PM you if nothing turns up
  4. Hi I don't really know much about this but have been asked by a friend to try to source missing parts for what we believe to be a British 3" mortar. The tube section is missing - please see photos - would appreciate any leads, help or offers. Many thanks Steve 01424 892957 07892 789454
  5. Hello if anyone can help or point me in the right direction I am looking for a single or double axle semi trailer suitable to go behind a ww2 4/5 ton tractor unit . Ideally a machinery type carrier with sloping rear and ramps but interested in any type . many thanks Steve 01424892957 07892789454
  6. Looking through some old photographs, found this shot of my Diamond on the hairpin in Winchelsea near Rye, East Sussex en route to Sellindge Steam Special. Steve Clifton
  7. "The Diamond T with tank transport trailer looks really cool. $15K to $25K, well that would make someone really happy :-)" Could that be a 6/71 detroit engine fitted ?
  8. link to the photos we took: https://picasaweb.google.com/116382342556505028523/6298626925230347217?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCNHrhquUx8nGwAE&feat=directlink
  9. Introducing the Pied Piper of Broadmayne... Fantastic few days, many thanks to the organisers. Your hard work was appreciated. Steve and Juliette (Olaf you are forgiven!!)
  10. If its seized in the bore Coke and brake fluid cocktail is worth a try . If you have access to a steam cleaner make up some unions and run it through the water jacket it will bring the engine gently up to running temperature . The expansion may free it off and its better than using force . Failing that I would do a strip down to avoid damage Steve Clifton
  11. Hello to everyone on a great forum my names Steve Clifton
  12. Looking foreward to it already! mack real slow on the hills with gun on the back Could hold things up a bit? , would be walking speed on the hill back to camp site . Probably same speed as 2 wards towing someones sherman ....... custard creams or jammy dodgers??
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