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  1. Is there anyone with information of how well the new Sherman replacement track available from Staman Trading is holding up? End connectors, rubber wear? Feel free to PM or email with replies. thanks, Perry
  2. Sexton radio box canvas

    I am currently making the canvas strips and cover for the Sexton radio box. I have good samples of the cover, left and right hand strips. Does anyone have a sketch or photo's of the bottom canvas strip, part # B-5718? Also, the parts manual mentions "rods" for the curtain and side strips. Would anyone know if there lengths of rod sewn into the side strips and curtain. What is left of my samples does not show this. thanks, Perry
  3. Malcolm, First message was an email. I have just sent a PM. Perry
  4. Malcolm, Message sent regarding BMP. Perry
  5. Checking for discrepancies in compression rates of the individual springs will give you an indication of general condition. Obviously the highest resistance would be the minimum spring rate you would want on all springs. Overheating could contribute to weaker springs. Anyone looked into the fuel leak or charging issue on the BMP yet? Perry
  6. The Russians have been using steel as a medium for clutches since the BT series of vehicles. As with any clutch, it is always preferable to leave the clutch engaged. When sitting for any length of time, transmission in neutral, foot off the pedal. Would it be a good idea to check spring pressures in the clutch?
  7. I believe it is a thermal cover to help disguise the tanks thermal signature.
  8. R975 C4 help

    Have any radial rebuilders balanced the flywheel/clutch assembly? Perry
  9. R975 C4 help

    The spline cut on the crankshaft and in the flywheel are such that they can only be installed in one location. This happens to be oriented at the high side of the crankshaft throw. Being a single throw crankshaft, what are the possibilities that the flywheel is balanced (or un-balanced) to aid the balancing of the rotating group of the motor. I am thinking about this as I prepare to balance the flywheel and clutch assembly. Any thoughts? Perry
  10. Top Ten Tracked Armour Safety Tips

    1. Use ground guides 2. Use ground guides 3. Use ground guides 4. Use ground guides 5. Use gr.....
  11. T/CT numbers

    Thanks gentlemen. It is what I had suspected, but can find no definitive proof. Perry
  12. T/CT numbers

    Is there any concrete information to prove that WD numbers were or were not re-issued to armoured vehicles that were brought up to replace battle or maintenance casualties? Perry
  13. shipping to Canada?

    Dan, Do your homework, get the proper paperwork on both ends. With the permits in place, importation is quite simple. Vehicle cleanliness is very important coming into Canada, from across the pond or from the U.S. No need for aggravation. Give me a call if you have any questions. Perry
  14. Surviving D-Day tanks

    The above photo showing "Bold", is one of the First Hussars B squadron DD tanks that never made the beach. She was recovered about 35 years after D-Day and put up as a memorial. Here in Canada we have two M4A2's that purportedly landed at Juno and survived the war. The "Holly Roller" (CT152655) of the First Hussars (6th CAR), it was the only tank in the regiment to make it from D-Day to VE-Day and "Bomb" (CT152656) of the Sherbrooke's (27th CAR). "Holly Roller" was a runner until 1956 when she was gutted and placed in Victoria Park (the 1st Hussars Museum has a substantial portion of the fittings that were removed). Both machines were brought back to Canada at the end of the war and now reside as memorials. The First Hussars Association had the pleasure of interviewing William Reed, the "Holly Roller" gunner at the annual D-Day parade this year. He vividly recalls backing the tank up to a German bunker on the afternoon of June 6, hooking up tubes to the exhaust and pushing the other end into a air vent on the bunker, gassing the inhabitants out. The association is in the process of authenticating CT152655's loading onto a LST prior to D-day. I do not know if "Bombs" claim has been verified. Perry
  15. Does anyone know how many surviving tanks there are that landed on D-day? Perry