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  1. I replaced all bearings from tc, There is only two size bearings: 6308 and 6208 (2 of both of those needs to be with lockring grooves, 6308N and 6208N) I bought set of NOs seals from G503 1/2ton forum.
  2. Measurement from "transfer case crossmember" to the crossmember after fuel tank:
  3. Looks good! Is that 352 Gmc bed? I bought 40´s civilian 1-1/2 ton truck running boards from Ebay to My G-506, Front part of running board needs some modification..... And i need to cut a hole for fuel filter. But they look almost same as original G-506 boards.
  4. Back from Beltring, And still amazed how big that show was!!! I found 7 Chevys..... I didn´t shoot so many pictures, I´ll upload them maybe in this evening. I have also video from Chevy auger in work: And pictures: http://forums.offipalsta.com/album.php?albumid=4132 Jukka
  5. Few items: Winch clutch fork for my Chevy Rear lights Jerry can holder M1 Carbine stripper clips M1903 clips Garand tool + oiler M1938 Wire cutters M1A1 Carbine repro bag M1 Carbine repro bag
  6. I´m also restoring G-7117, But i need cargo bed for my truck...... Do you know any beds for sale? Now the plan is to bolt 5th wheel coupling to the frame...... and make a G-7113 replica with winch But when i find a correct bed for my truck, I will convert it back to cargo model. I´m going to W&P first time now...... and check out all the Chevy´s in there
  7. Damn......... I just notice that camping booking ended at 30.6.2011 And my friend stood me up...... I have to find another co-driver or travel alone
  8. Thanks! Is there access from civilian camp to MV-camp in the evening?
  9. I´m not coming with MV........My G506 isn´t finished yet Plan is to camp in my van there for the weekend...... and see lot of interesting vehicles.
  10. Hi Any camping and other info for W&P first timers? I´m planning to visit in show in weekend and camp there the whole weekend. It´s long drive from Finland....... but i think it is worth it Is there any maps from show area? I didn´t find any from W&p site.....
  11. My G-7117 original lining, It´s cardboard and buttons in middle is holding it up
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